JNB Web Promotion Sucks

I don’t want to make a bigger fuss out of it than it already is. But yes, John Bertrand, you suck. You are SEO’s version of George Bush. You’re old, you’re stupid and no one gives a shit about what you have to say. More: JNB Web Promotion is a Freeloader

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Google Adsense Updates

Google Adsense emailed its publishers with a ton of cool improvements to its service. Most notably: AdSense for search results on your site Search results are now served on your site via IFRAME. This means your visitors don’t have to veer away from your page every time they search.

Vanity Mobile Numbers

I caught wind of a page on Multiply.com called Sundry Online that sells a plethora of products from cosmetics, bags, household items and sexual enhancers. It was the typical amateurish merchant website you would see on Multiply — sparkly logo, badly lighted pictures, words in ALL CAPS followed by exclamation marks (!!!) But what caught… Continue reading Vanity Mobile Numbers

One Internet Day Davao

A few days ago, September 22, 2006, I attended Janette Toral‘s event “One Internet Day” held here in the city. I was about an hour late and had to leave while speaker Chris Cubos (of Fwendz.com) was doing his presentation. Shame that I wasn’t able to mingle with Janette and the others. I was particularly… Continue reading One Internet Day Davao

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Buying Expired Domains

I recently went on a buying spree on previously owned domains and found some with decent pageranks and backlinks. I’m *not* about to divulge these domains just yet! What’s funny is that one of the domains I bought used to be owned by someone pretty well-known on the Internet. I only found about it *after*… Continue reading Buying Expired Domains

I’m Getting Free WiFi

I’m currently surfing the Internet off of someone else’s connection! Yeah, I discovered this a few days ago. I was helping out my cousin with his PHP project over YM but was getting frequently disconnected (I’m on PLDT MyDSL). So I turned off my wireless modem and waited a few seconds. While I was waiting,… Continue reading I’m Getting Free WiFi

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How not to be Tech-Savvy

I ran into an amusing article published in the Inquirer a while ago called “Tech-savvy movers and shakers” written by Gabriel Mercado. It tells us how some entrepreneurs are utilizing Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for their business operations.

Philippine Web Awards

What’s wrong with the Philippine Web Awards? First of all, I can’t pay for my nominated site. I’m about to throw P2500 at their faces with my shiny gold credit card, but they won’t let me. It’s been going on for 4 days! The sadder part is, the website doesn’t have a contact form, nor… Continue reading Philippine Web Awards