How not to be Tech-Savvy

I ran into an amusing article published in the Inquirer a while ago called “Tech-savvy movers and shakers” written by Gabriel Mercado. It tells us how some entrepreneurs are utilizing Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for their business operations.

Cheese Ledesma of The Big Chill, is an “Excel Expert”. Dr. Dominga Padilla is the president of the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology. She says shes “comfortable with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and, to some extent, Microsoft Excel.” Lex Ledesma, president of the International Labor Organization, relies heavily on email. Call me crazy, but does that mean that my otherwise technologically-challenged father is also tech-savvy? Hardly! It takes more than just knowing how to save documents and send emails.

So how does one become tech-savvy? There are tons and tons of reading material available on the Internet. Read up on tech and gadget blogs and If you are an entrepreneur, invest on mobile gadgets, hardware and more advanced business software that allow you to streamline your business operations and correspondences. Spearhead your organization’s training process whenever new technology is acquired. Look into the business services of Globe Telecom and Smart Communications and how these can benefit you. Set up a professionally-made website where clients can know more about your organization, contact you and buy your products.

No, it doesn’t hurt to be an “Excel Expert”. But seriously, to be called “tech-savvy” because you know Microsoft Office is the stuff standup comedies are made of.


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