I’m Getting Free WiFi

I’m currently surfing the Internet off of someone else’s connection! Yeah, I discovered this a few days ago. I was helping out my cousin with his PHP project over YM but was getting frequently disconnected (I’m on PLDT MyDSL). So I turned off my wireless modem and waited a few seconds. While I was waiting, my cousin was still messaging me! How can that be? Lo and behold, I was automatically connected to my neighbor’s WiFi, which is a great backup for my shoddy DSL connection.

I looked up my IP address and found out that I’m connected to Meridian Telekoms, a subsidiary of Smart, which is owned by PLDT! Go figure. Anyway, I think I’m gonna stay connected for as long as my good neighbor permits it. Hehe.


  1. Lucky you! Did you have to do any mods? When I transferred to this new place (three houses away from my old apartment), I had to hang a USB WiFi adaptor out the window to get the neighbor’s signal! Still, it was great I was able to get some work done while waiting for my own DSL connection (which came five days after we moved).

  2. Hey Angelo. No, I didn’t have to do anything. My neighbor’s just across my house so I guess I didn’t need to install any adaptors. The signal isn’t that terrific, but it gets the job done while my god forsaken dsl is down.

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