JNB Web Promotion Sucks

I don’t want to make a bigger fuss out of it than it already is.

But yes, John Bertrand, you suck. You are SEO’s version of George Bush. You’re old, you’re stupid and no one gives a shit about what you have to say.

More: JNB Web Promotion is a Freeloader


    I am filipino and i personnaly can say, what Marc has telling us all the time is absolutely wrong, he’s only after his own personal interest and not for us filipino’s. Do we Filipino’s realy believe foreign or local firms will let us do SEO when we do only spamming blogs wiht useless content? For sure wala pa. To me, after working with JNB Web Promotion, they are the best Philippine SEO firm and very professional. I cant say that from Marc anymore. I already stopped to be a member of his forum too.


  2. @Kim & Schindler: Don’t you nincumpoops have anything better to do than be pawns of Bertrand? How much did he promise to pay you to comment on this post? Fifty pesos? Did you get the money???

  3. nagulat ako sa post na ito ah. I just saw mr. John Bertrand kagabi sa PAGCOR Hotel Bacolod (DigitalFilipinoCLub Bloggers Event).
    kakagulat. haha. ingon ana diay sya?

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