Google Adsense Updates

Google Adsense emailed its publishers with a ton of cool improvements to its service.

Most notably:

AdSense for search results on your site
Search results are now served on your site via IFRAME. This means your visitors don’t have to veer away from your page every time they search.

More referral options, more revenue
Each successful conversion for Google Pack can earn up to $2 and $1 for Picasa. I’m gonna check this out!

Introducing a new ad format – the 200 x 200 Small Square
Slightly smaller than the 250 x 250, this gives us another ad format to play around with. Oddly, a sample of this format can’t be found anywhere on the Ad Formats page.

Enrich your site with click-to-play video ads
If you’ve opted in to images, occassionally they may show video ads instead. I’m still quite iffy about video ads and since this is still new, its success rate has yet to be documented.

Earn more with our newly optimized tips page

The Optimization Page now provides better tips on color combinations and which ones have the best conversion rates.

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