Buying Expired Domains

I recently went on a buying spree on previously owned domains and found some with decent pageranks and backlinks. I’m *not* about to divulge these domains just yet! What’s funny is that one of the domains I bought used to be owned by someone pretty well-known on the Internet. I only found about it *after* the purchase. Now I feel kinda silly. Well, technically it’s mine now. I’m thinking of converting it to a political blog but with a more global scope. We’ll see.

If you’re into buying domains, a great place to look are web directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo! For Philippine domains, check out Lots of expiring domains there because it’s kind of expensive to renew them ($70 for 2 yrs.) Which brings up the valid question: How many years ago was it when the going rate for a domain was $70? Four, five years ago? They don’t even allow one-year registrations! It’s like our local domain registrar got frozen in a glacier or something. Anyway, I hope that they’ll bring down their rates to stay competitive and attract new registrations. And as a result, my domain hunting won’t be such a burden on my finances 🙂


  1. it was up until the late 90s. and there wasn’t even credit card pmt yet — you had to send a check. that’s why domains were active for 3 mos to give you lead time to send the pmt.

    yes, should lower their rates, and improve their customer service.

  2. Let me know if the domains you bought keep their PR and backlinks, I am debating buying expired domains, and there seems to be mixed answers as to whether they lose their PR once expired.

  3. i bought a couple of expired domains and most of them have kept their pr intact.. i have also had some pr sites lose their pr after a week .. maybe best to buy after the google dance.

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