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doug kramer

My addiction to UAAP basketball suffered a major relapse this afternoon when the Ateneo Blue Eagles won over the UST Tigers 73-72! At the last second and I mean literally ONE second, Doug Kramer nailed the winning shot with a great pass from Macky Escalona. The Tigers were in utter shock on how they could have screwed that up. There’s a few more games to go. I think we’re gonna get it this season! Go Blue Eagles!

Awesome video after the jump.

Credits: Photo by Aaron Vicencio

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  1. it was during my first year at the ateneo that the blue eagles won back-to-back in uaap (what year was that, andrew? let’s see how much of a fanatic you really are… hehehe). but it was a major disappointment when, for a chance at a grand slam, our team lost the following season — and to the arch-enemy no less! what a bummer that was, and we had a really good team too. (hint: that was jayvee gayoso’s time)

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