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About the Philippines



A Page for Philippine Prehistory
Facts, issues, theories, and pictures on Philippine prehistory.

Balboa's Filipino Trivia
Tips and trivia in various fields of entertainment, history, science, health, literature and humor.

Best of the Philippines
A bird's-eye-view of the Philippines, with pictures and description.

CIA World Factbook - Philippines
Provides information and statistics on the Philippines.
Featuring information from the Department of Tourism and Philippine Consulate in San Francisco. - Philippines
Features flags of the Philippines, as well as geography and climate.

Get Real Philippines
An honest evaluation of Filipino/Philippine culture.

Islands Philippines
Provides map and description of Philippine islands including capitals, major centers, history, visas, customs, currencies, utilities, weather, news, and entertainment. The Website of Philippine Trivia contains Filipino trivia, some information and pictures of actors and actresses.

Literaturbruecke Philippinen - Literal Bridge to the Philippines
Articles by the author and reviews of publications referring to the Philippines.

This is the EDSA-Ortigas area. You are now viewing the traffic activity on the Ortigas Flyover. Right down below is the famous EDSA Shrine. ENJOY!!!

My Homecountry - The Philippines
Private Homepage - Philippines and Switzerland.

Philippine History and Culture
Asia 203 - a course taught at the University of Hawaii by Raymund Liongson, PhD - lots of information and articles.

Philippine Page of Trivia: Filipino Firsts
Trivia on Philippine firsts.

Let me introduce my information and love of the PHILIPPINES!

Philippines - A Country Study
A country study on the Philippines in the Library of Congress. Includes information about geography, society, economy, government, national security and more.

Philippines Country Information
Provides travel tips and general information in cities and destinations of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao islands.

Philippines Info
The Philippines by Alfred N. Bruckner.

The Philippines, Pearl of the Orient
Various information about the Philippines. Languages, weather, government, economy & culture.

Tribung Pinoy
A pictorial web journal about the Philippines, the Filipino people, and the Filipino diaspora.

Welcome to the History of the Philippines
On the eve of his execution by the Spanish colonialists in 1896, Jose Rizal, the famous filipino nationalist, called his homeland the "Pearl of the Orient Seas"...

Welcome to the Philippines
The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia, between latitude 4o23" north and longitude 116o and 127o east ... Taiwan to the north and Malaysia and Indonesia to the south. Manila, on Luzon island, is its capital ... Geography, History, Fine Arts, Music, Science, Current Events, Literature, Culture, Flora & Fauna, Sources ...

World Atlas Philippines
Facts, figures, maps and information on the Philippines.

One World - Nations Online
A destination guide to countries and nations of the World. Features the Philippines.

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