CrazyEgg Errors

I decided to put my blog to the test using CrazyEgg‘s heatmap visualization after all the rave reviews it got from the likes of Matt Mullenweg, David Hansson and TechCrunch. Unfortunately, since I inserted the required Javascript code, I’m getting errors from both Firefox and IE. Screenshot after the jump.

Google Adsense Updates

Google Adsense emailed its publishers with a ton of cool improvements to its service. Most notably: AdSense for search results on your site Search results are now served on your site via IFRAME. This means your visitors don’t have to veer away from your page every time they search.

How not to be Tech-Savvy

I ran into an amusing article published in the Inquirer a while ago called “Tech-savvy movers and shakers” written by Gabriel Mercado. It tells us how some entrepreneurs are utilizing Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for their business operations.

What’s in a Name?

Forget the Capulets and Montagues, the Hatfields and the McCoys. It’s all about Diddy versus Diddy. Sean “Diddy” Combs was sued by another Diddy in the UK for “causing confusion” and unfair competition. Music producer Richard “Diddy” Dearlove wants Combs to stop using the “Diddy” moniker as it allegedly caused some Puerto Rican teenagers to… Continue reading What’s in a Name?

Who is this Guy Kidding?

Just like my post less than two months ago about the whole Paul Bowers fiasco, here comes another similar incident involving Gail Dela Cruz, a Filipino web designer whose web template was stolen by a creep named Al Sembrano. Here’s a summary. Sembrano hires Dela Cruz to design a book cover and website for him… Continue reading Who is this Guy Kidding?

Wablet Looks Cool!

Is Mike Abundo Wablet’s official spin doctor? If so, he’s doing a great job at it. Techcrunch’s Marshall Kirkpatrick should be demo-ing it anytime now. Jeez, I hope I can get a chance to test it. Here’s a screenshot of the client login window:

Meebo, Wablet, Friendster MoBS

So I was just talking about the mysterious Filipino Web 2.0 undertaking Wablet and how it will give Meebo a run for its money (well, not really). Now comes Friendster MoBS, another web-based instant messaging platform that bears a frightening resemblance to Meebo’s GUI. Except that in MoBS, your only contacts are your friends in… Continue reading Meebo, Wablet, Friendster MoBS