Paypal Now Includes the Philippines

It’s limited, but hey, it’s a start.

Looks like J. Angelo’s PayPal for the Philippines movement is seeing fruition. Filipinos can now purchase wares on the Internet via PayPal but is limited to only $100 unless a credit card is verified. However, receiving funds is still impossible which most of us are really after. But I don’t see that happening until the appropriate legislation is passed that will get us off the list of money laundering countries.

But still, I’m happy of this development. Will start shopping tomorrow and see how it goes. Good job, Angelo!


  1. Yeah Paypal is now available in the Philippines but you can only use it for shopping online, you won’t be able to receive funds if you’re selling on eBay. There is no definite time yet when are they going to make PayPal here fully functional (sending & receive).

    Wanna share it with you guys. After long research, I got a solutions and it’s guaranteed working cuz I got mine already.

    Its guaranteed that you will be verified by PayPal allowing you to receive and send money.

    I haven’t been to the US yet and I was able to get a verified PayPal Account associating my US Bank Account.


    1. Open a US Bank Account (even you’re not from the US. Use your Philippine address, that’s cool.
    2. Open a US PayPal account – using any US address – don’t worry PayPal won’t verify your address – it’s the bank account that will be verified.
    3. Add your newly-opened US Bank Account to your US PayPal Account.
    4. PayPal will then deposit small amounts to that bank account ( that should appear on your bank transaction history within 2-3 days). You will have internet banking facilities with that account.
    5. Enter to your PayPal the exact amounts they have deposited to your bank.
    6. There you go. You are now a verified US PayPal account holder having the privileges of receiving and sending money online.

    More information:

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  3. For us filipinos, how can we claim the money from PayPal? I’ve purchased a system which is an internet affiliate marketing and the only payment is on PayPal.

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