Google Pagerank Ups and Downs

Just a couple of statistics that might interest you. Using data from, I found that a total of 58 Filipino blogs lost Pagerank after the latest update, while only 14 gained Pagerank. 407 blogs’ Pageranks remained unchanged.

Major shifts in the rankings can be noticed as well by looking at the Ratified Winners and Losers. A total of 13 blogs broke out into the top 100 during this update.


  1. Andrew, do you plan on changing the ratified formula because of this? Maybe multiply PR by 500 instead of 1000 like it is now (if I remember correctly). Many agree that PR is now not as important a measure in determining authority/importance of a web site.

  2. Hey, Andrew, I think you’re updating the PRs on-demand and not automatically, right? If so, you might want to do another update within one or two days since the Toolbar PR values are still fluctuating. 🙂

  3. @Eugene: Yeah, they’re still updating. I don’t do it manually. I’ll run the updater again next week.

  4. Yehey! ako po ang biggest mover for the recent PR update… hehehe. Olympics blog ko po yan! 😀

    Well, I can’t complain akse paborable ang naging resulta. Bukod sa from PR0 to PR4 ang blog ko e tumaas din ang ratified rank ko to 41 today! Happy! Happy!

    Meron din pa pala akong isa pang blog na naging PR4 from PR0. Plug ko lang… hehehe. Yan po ang call center blog ko . Sayang lang di ko pa na-ipapasok sa ratified. 😀

  5. I found that alot of 0PR blog having PR3 recently… seen like google easy give PR…

    my self have a domain, no traffic and no much back link also get PR2 for this update… and my current PR get 3, i not satisfy wif it… I feel that i desearve to get higher,…

  6. Changes in Google algorithm on the recent update does not gaurantee the same criteria as before. So if you have an old blog, it does not necessarily get the PR you think you should get.

    I believe the frequency of updating and quantity of content had a big weight in Google re-ranking. But that’s just me.

  7. I just saw the weirdest thing.

    My friend launched a new blog about 6 weeks ago. he has a technorati authority of 11,but we have the same PR at 4. WTF.

  8. Mine hardly moved – from 3 to 4 (it was ranked at 3.8 on iwebtools). 🙁
    PageRank isn’t that important.
    Using keywords in links to help improve organic results is the key.

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