Online Marketing Campaigns for Filipino Companies

Recently, Google Country Consultant Aileen Apolo spearheaded the uber-successful Taste Asia event, which gathered more than 150 Filipino bloggers in one big food festival at the Taste Asia restaurant at the SM Mall of Asia. SM leveraged the power of blogging to promote their new resto and their spacious Hypermart grocery. Clearly, all their efforts have paid off. Bloggers are one of the most difficult groups of people to please. Well, at least I am. But judging from the amount of blogs buzzing about how much fun they had and how they loved all the free food, I’d say SM pulled it off quite well. Unlike marketing campaigns done on television, radio or SMS, an online marketing campaign like this costs much less but has deeper multiplying effects. When a blogger posts something on his blog, that is permanent advertising right there. Then, when his/her visitors read it, they will be encouraged to try the product and write about it too, if they have a blog. And then there’s the word-of-mouth factor to consider. Even though bloggers don’t get to talk much in the offline world, instant messengers (i.e. Google Talk) bridge that gap very easily. And you can’t discount Friendster, Multiply and other social networking sites where people rave just about anything.

I heard about the 1st Internet and Mobile Marketing Awards called the Boomerang Awards, which gives recognition to marketing campaigns such as this. From the official site:

The first and only awards that recognizes the role of Internet and Mobile platform in building the business of brands, services and companies in the Philippines. The awards give recognition to campaigns that utilizes the web/internet and mobile devices as vehicles in meeting business objectives in the most creative, innovative and breakthrough manner.

I think the Taste Asia campaign is the online marketing campaign to beat this year. It’s creative, innovative, and definitely one-of-a-kind. Who would’ve thought SM can think of something like this? I have a friend who’s the brand manager for a multinational company operating here in the country and I asked her if she ever considered marketing her product to bloggers. She said she did, but lacked enough data to know what market she was reaching and what logistical requirement it would entail. Well, all I need to do now is tell her about the SM campaign.:) Seriously, I would love to see other companies following suit. What company/product do you think would benefit from an online blogging campaign?

By the way, there’s a new mall in town called the TriNoMa. Perhaps they’re thinking of something similar?

Please submit an entry to the Boomerang Awards.


  1. The multiplier effect you mentioned is very true, Drew. In fact, I see it a lot from my blogging. People who read about restos and spas on actually go and try them out. And some of them even come back and leave comments on my posts.

  2. so is 2007 the breakout year for online marketing in the philippines? It certainly has proven to be a banner year of sorts for blogging. And I am predicting blogging/online campaigns will be big in the 2010 elections.

    Off topic: Andrew, Blogie… I’ll be in Davao August 24-25 for work. Maybe I could at least shake your hands when I get there? Am no big shot blogger or anything. I just want to say hi to you guys whom I only catch online.

  3. Thanks for this heart warming post Andrew. I’m sure marketers are taking notice already of the power of the internet. With these good news, I am sure it will start to pick up!

    @Jun – I can hook you up with them hehehe πŸ™‚

  4. Andrew,

    Great that you like the event; we will do a repeat of this; hopefully will be greater than the 1st night.

    Aileen is a perfect facilitator for this.

    Help us join the ad campaign contest; this event had no objective in mind; but i’m very pleased and happy with the impact it created.

    Robert Kwee

  5. @Blogie: Indeed!

    @Jun M: No, it’s new mall near SM North Edsa in Quezon City. πŸ˜€

    @Jun: Sure! Always a pleasure to meet other bloggers!

    @Aileen: Anytime! To say the least, I’m impressed.:)

    @Robert: Actually, I wasn’t able to make it to Taste Asia. But I will be if you organize another one. πŸ™‚ I can even help out next time. I think the Boomerang Awards is accepting nominations but I think it would be better if someone from your company would fill up the entry form. πŸ˜€

  6. @Jun sangay …. i think the usual suspect davao bloggers can meet you. aug.24-25 is weekends. hope they are free. email lang… i think alam mo email ko becoz of the PBA`07. hehe. goodluck! πŸ™‚

  7. @Jun M – i was going to email and hope to meet you there too (if you have no classes and are in the area). And Migs too.

    @Aileen: I think Kadayawan days yun. Might be a good trip for BOB… and maybe setup something there like Taste Asia. Just to have a reason to meet =)

  8. I haven’t heard much of this event though since I’ve been busy doing SEO stuff here in Ortigas. I’m not really that of a bloggiie guy… I’m sort of glued here maybe for a moment… Hope to be back home soon…

    Andrew/Jun -How’s the SEM scene in davao doin?

  9. Yeah, right, online marketing has a multiplier effect. It’s not just cheaper than the traditional way of advertising but it’s also more convenient to the consumers and marketers as well.

  10. This is definitely the new age of marketing and advertising. While it is true that bloggers are hard to please, it’s also true that they love congregating and freebies.

    I’d imagine that setting up a nice party for 150 bloggers who can virally spread the word is much cheaper than any other marketing tactic around.

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