Gmail for Domains

I got an invite to beta-test Gmail for Domains. Setting it up was a breeze, it only took under 10 minutes to get everything to work!

I personally do not use Gmail that much because I do have an address where I do all my official transactions. But I have to admit that I’m far from happy with Dreamhost’s clunky default webmail interface (Squirrelmail), that’s why I opt for POP mail access with Mozilla Thunderbird instead. Now I have the best of both worlds — Google’s reliable technology and my very own email domain. How cool is that.

Here’s a screenshot of Gmail for

alleba webmail screenshot

Notice that Gmail provides an option to switch their logo to your own. Mine looks quite good with it! Hopefully in the near future they’ll allow more customization, such as changing the colors in the GUI, link and text color, and even offer new user registrations. Right now I am only able to manually add up to 50 users. But hey, I’m not one to complain!

I’m still in my ‘honeymoon’ phase with my new webmail interface, so I’m going to stick with it for now (Gmail does have a POP access option too). If you have any experience with this service, I’d love to hear from you.

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