Due to Persistent Public Demand… Here is BlogComics.net!

Karlo Licudine is one of the most talented bloggers and illustrators that I know. While chatting over IM we were thinking of a “project” in which we can collaborate. Naturally, Karlo pitched the idea of creating a site that will showcase his comic strips, which the Filipino blogosphere has grown to love. And so, a… Continue reading Due to Persistent Public Demand… Here is BlogComics.net!


Looking for the best deals on computers, peripherals and gadgets in the Philippines? TipidPC.com is the leading resource for buying and selling brand new and second-hand computer parts and peripherals in the Philippines. TipidPC is the brainchild of Jesus A. Domingo and has been online since July 2001 (about the same as Alleba.com). I hope… Continue reading TipidPC.com

SEO in the Philippines

I’m part of a discussion group called SEO Philippines. We discuss things such as SEO (of course!) and other aspects of web development. If you’re a brooding webmaster still learning the ropes, then I suggest you join us. SEO Philippines was created by Marc Macalua (blog @ macalua.com). SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is still… Continue reading SEO in the Philippines