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Mario Lavandeira, whose online alias-slash-blog Perez Hilton hit more than a million unique visitors last July 18, a first for the site. That’s 1 million hits for one day, mind you. His next goal is to reach the 2 million mark. Notice the pun on Paris Hilton? Perez Hilton basically follows the lives of people like Paris Hilton — yes, those types of celebrities — those who bank their fame on how the spend their money, what they wear, who they hang out with, where they hang out and how much weight they’ve lost or gained.

Here at home, Filipinos aren’t that different. About half of the top 15 most popular blogs are related to entertainment — Rickey, Bryan Boy, Retz and Chikadora all are sites dealing with local and international showbiz. The rest range from topics such as motorcycles, nursing, politics, technology and cooking. Although their numbers barely make a dent on Lavandeira’s, their increasing popularity shows that these bloggers are making their voices heard, albeit amidst the constant bickering of their readers (which in itself is quite entertaining).

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  1. Recently, Camille Prats, had her baby here in Los Angeles. Conratulations to the couple. This event reminded me of a topic which is probably hardly ever discussed or investigated. A case in point, Jodie SantaMaria-Lacson. The couple as we all know did not come from families that are barely surviving or minimum wage earners. We all admire their success and status in society. In a way we see them as role models of some sort. But did you know that when she (Jodie) had her baby at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles, she used Medi-Cal? a welfare program intended for indigent patients, the poor and the down and out. In my opinion they have abused the system. I’m sure they have the capability to pay but instead chose to go CHEAP. So how can we really look up to these people when they are no different from any freeloaders? I think we should start to question these people’s morality.

  2. I must be obsessed about Regine Velasquez. Truth is that every time I go to the net cafe, I spend more than 3 hours googling her, much less viewing/listening to her on YouTube. My top 3 favorite videos of hers are Regine: Whenever You Are, Regine: Listen (2), Regine: Hurt. I know that some people don’t like her; they say she can’t do better than belting out, causing irritation in their ears. Well, of course, I beg to disagree. Maybe they haven’t heard her sing an entire song, so that what they could’ve noticed is every time she belts out. Had they taken time to listen to all of her songs, they would’ve changed their mind and realized that Regine herself was and will always be a music to their ears. There may be other great singers who seem to have made a mark in the international arena, but then no one can ever be compared with Regine for being so full of soul and emotions. To say that she’s Asia’s Songbird is an oversimplification.
    — Ariel Allera,

  3. paparazzi? im pretty sure, its alright to update the fans and viewers about their lives, since they are public figures.

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