Due to Persistent Public Demand… Here is BlogComics.net!

Welcome to BlogComics.net!

Karlo Licudine is one of the most talented bloggers and illustrators that I know. While chatting over IM we were thinking of a “project” in which we can collaborate. Naturally, Karlo pitched the idea of creating a site that will showcase his comic strips, which the Filipino blogosphere has grown to love. And so, a few months later and a dozen visits to the Internet Cafe (for Karlo at least), BlogComics.net is born! Karlo is the main talent here, while I serve as technical backup.

Kudos to Karlo! I hope you guys will visit BlogComics.net often, you won’t regret it! ;p


  1. yeah, nice idea to showcase your skills and talents! is that true, your the top 1 blogger in mindanao? that’s cool man! i wish i could be in the top 100 at least, i’m just starting to develop a blog though… ×_×

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