Looking for the best deals on computers, peripherals and gadgets in the Philippines?

TipidPC.com is the leading resource for buying and selling brand new and second-hand computer parts and peripherals in the Philippines.

TipidPC is the brainchild of Jesus A. Domingo and has been online since July 2001 (about the same as Alleba.com). I hope to interview Mr. Domingo soon since not much information is available from their site. Nevertheless, TipidPC has an enormous following and has a good number of brick-and-mortar establishments doing business with them. Last I checked, there were 715 users currently browsing the site! Wow.

On the Net: TipidPC.com


  1. it mayba a dumb idea but, it has its worth,right?

    one that concerned me though,at this time that TPC is having followers of its own, the Moderators are acting like GESTAPO…. they could make you vanish in their site without citing some reason….. and they call it
    “Administrative previlege” kuno…… and I know, those kind of actions will catch up them later…he…he

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