How a Dumb Idea Can Make You Rich

It doesn’t just take a great idea to make it big, but actually have the gall to to go for it even if it’s so fantastically stupid.

Take this wise-ass guy from North Pole, Alaska, USA who, for $10, sends your kids realistic letters pretending to be Santa Claus! It’s crazy, but as of last count, he’s sent 200,000 letters already, making him $2 million richer.

And do I even have to mention Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage?

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  1. mchummer, you have to admit it was a pretty lame idea that made Alex rich. As for adcubes, that’s just another clone of a lame idea.

  2. Did you know there’s a local Pinoy site which is a copycat of the Million Dollar Page? I just saw an ad in Friendster but didn’t bother to click it though.

  3. There are thousands of copycats of the million $ homepage but none of them came close to the real thing. Hope all of em will stop the nonsense and come up with something original.

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