CD-R King – Pirate Kings of Smuggling?


The Optical Media Board (OMB) slapped CD-R King with a P1.5 million penalty for failing to produce permits for some of its optical media disc importations.

CD-R King is a registered company allowed by the OMB to import blank, rewritable optical discs. Valenzuela (of OMB) said that the OMB is also seeking the cancellation of the license of CD-R King to sell optical media in the country.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, they were even found using pirated softwares in their business operations. Tsk tsk.

Coincidentally, OMB has recently conducted its “validation inspection” to verify a tip it received that the same company was using unlicensed software in its operations in the country.

CD-R hit the jackpot years ago after setting the trend of selling dirt-cheap recordable compact discs. They now have over 60 branches all over the country. I remember seeing their first store in Greenhills Virra Mall. The place was packed. It took me 30 minutes to get my stack of CD’s. Up to now, they’re selling CD’s like hotcakes. Goes to show that Pinoys have a penchant for sharing movies and songs (whoops). CD-R King has also ventured into super cheap computer accessories. Their mice, headphones, USB sticks are actually pretty good. Yeah, you can call it the poor man’s Best Buy.

It makes me wonder though if this whole sting operation was legitimate or is the OMB after something other than enforcing the law? Hmmm. Someone’s gonna have a ton of BenQ CD’s in his garage today, that’s for sure.


  1. cdr-king is a big help esp sa mga alang pera na katulad ko. in short, saving grace natin ang cdr-king. mahal naman kasi ng mga tech shops, minsan double pa.

  2. @Joni: I’m addicted to their cheap electronics too. 🙂

    @Kitoy: They are a big help coz they are a lot cheaper than others.

    @Aileen: I know! Would be sad to see them go!

  3. @Jehz: Buy now! Here in Davao it’s quite difficult to purchase coz the store is always full and you need to get a number. Plus, their way of issuing receipts is painfully slow!

  4. The drivers and software in CD-R king aren’t really ‘pirated’ as those stupid computer illiterate OMB guys think. Those came from the taiwanese and/or chinese suppliers who make their own software. They are neither open-source nor available for licensing. Before they can really ‘slap’ a hefty amount of money against CD-R king, they should first contact the software maker so he can produce an official complaint against CD-R.

    Not only that OMB is stupid, they also do not follow the extremely slow ‘legal process’. Before OMB could confiscate and sue piracy vendors, they should first contact the Software and Movie agency and take out ONLY what was complained to prevent confiscation of what is considered ‘abandonware’ and open-source.

    They are a government agency, not a mercenary-for-hire. They are like the MMDA clean-up crew. They are nothing but squatters who were paid below minimum wage just to steal from the vendors.

  5. oh geez. actually they sells pirate cd and everything..
    They are cheap anyways,, but cool to those poor people and it helps a lot. 🙂 like

  6. I have stop buying cds from CD-R king.. but I don’t think selling blank medias should be considered “Piracy!”.
    First their not selling any illegal content with their cds.

    Second, OMB is looking for someone to blame the high piracy rate in the country and since CD-R king is one of the well known stores and their being blame for it.

  7. correction hehehe… If CD-R king doesn’t have permission for their products then sadly they have to pay. I stand corrected..

    As I said I have stop buying CDs from them because I don’t find any brands that I like in cd-r king anymore like before. They now ventured to selling computer products than selling more CDS.

  8. I support Cd-r Kings’s greatest Vision and Mission to provide affordable products to the filipinos… that’s the good side but if they are promoting illegal way of doing business in the country at the end of the day it won’t do good to the filipinos at all … hope OMB is wrong!

  9. Beware of Cd-r King’s brand cdr, dvdrw, dvdr. all are defective. For me, it’s too late. I’ve lost many important data because of it. BUY OTHER BRAND. THERE ARE REASON WHY THEY SELL CHEAP.

  10. @James
    It’s probably because of mishandling on CDRking’s part (or perhaps on yours). I have been using their dirt cheap optical media for almost three years now, and so far, I have yet to encounter a single defective disc.

    Their new video cards suck though.

  11. They just hate CD-R king because they seeing it loved by many Filipinos. Why lower their price like CD-R King. Crab-Mentality again, another Filipino trait.

    You are not happy that some poor Filipinos can afford technologies and enjoy it the same way the rich one does. Gusto nyo lang kase mga mayayaman lang mag-enjoy. If you dont like their products, do not buy, hambalos ko sa inyo pag nakita ko na may CD-R king yang MP4 at MP3 nyo, hehehehe.

    Im using CD-R King products for 6 years, and only few are defective, it depends on the use/handling of the buyer. Please read the CD-R King policy first before you judge them that they are selling pirated products, although they are some products imitated to some products by its style, its still have its own brand name on it. The piracy of music and videos is in the jurisdiction of the user itself.

    Enjoy the Computer Technology in affordable way. Buy blank CD and use it in your own risk.
    Support CD-R King…

  12. Yes, make sure you handle those CD-R’s very well. I’ve seen (and experienced) a lot of toasted CD-R’s because the people who burn them uses 52X speed for burning. The result: after a few months the cd’s silver coating chips off the cd’s surface, losing all the data in them. I recommend a slower speed for burning, maybe 12x if your not in a hurry.

    Let’s all continue to support CD-R King! Cheap computer media aren’t always crap! 🙂

  13. i think cdr king has done a great job on selling cheap products..but the question is… are they really that cheap? or they must be cheaper that we thought… cdr king is selling goods almost double its that really cheap… is that really helping… well, f u only knew the original price of these things maybe you’ll have second thoughts about’ll see! For Sale 8gb sandisk memory stick duo for psp..brand new! for only P3500.. i’ll give u cheaper price f wholesale..maybe P3300 or lessser me– ive got lots of stuff from a cheap source..all branded.. bye!

  14. They are not smugglers, they are only using penetration pricing as their marketing strategy. yung mga walang pinag aralan jan walang karapatan sumabat…

  15. basta pinoy kung san mas mura doon tayo.. kung pwede nga lang tawaran pa presyo… A OK! CD-R King ^_^

  16. ulol talaga ‘tong mga taga gobyerno, hindi lang sila magaling sa upo-an buong maghapon, magaling din pala silang ma analyze……………..nang mga walang kwentang bagay……. di nalang kaya nila imbistigahan si director dela paz, kung analogy ang pinaguusapan “parehas lang ang mga pinang gagawa ng OMB ang “BRKING AT A WRONG TREE”…….

  17. lahat lahat nalng… ating gobyerno talaga kun ano pweding peraha. pinipirahan, its a big time “KUTONG” 1.5M
    yung sa txt, bumani ang txters pinatungan ng tax, pati itong store pa? kung sa bagay, kahit takatak boy pinipirahan “KUTONG” ng mapag samantalang iba dyan…
    siguro yung malaki at kilalang company na same na binibinta malaki binabayad sa taas kaya mahal binta nila compared to crking store, if you compare the price iba talaga minsan kalahati ang price differences saan kaya napupunta ang kalahati? ty 😉

  18. oo toto yan nagbayad ang my ari sa omb hnd naman kasalanan ng omb kc ang my ari ng cdrking ang nagbigay ng pera sa omb… at toto gumagamit ang cdrking ng hnd original sure yan kc meron ako kilala sa loob ng cdrking .. at ung mga driver na ginagamit nila hnd original kaya wag na kayo gagamit ng mga cdrking kc bka mahuli kayo ng omb….

  19. I also hve a bad experience with cdr king. first ung mga saleslady nila parang di yata tinuruan ng good manners and right conduct. kc habang kinakausap ko sya bgla b nmn akong tinalikuran at ng assist ng ibang cx,last dec 24 lang ung s trinoma branch 2nd, ung product nla n mp4 bumili ako kc mura pero ayun after 24 hours binalik ko ulit mas mganda p ung nabibili s raon.

  20. Wala namang pong problema kung CD-R KING or ANY BRAND ang gamit nyo…ito ay nakadepende lang po sa paggamit ng tama sa mga products. Nasa tao na rin naman yun kung paano mo ito gagamitin or iingatan… REMEMBER ELECTRONICS ito at HINDI BAKAL/ALUMINUM or KAHOY na pang harabas. Hindi rin ito “tamper proof” tulad ng mga mountain bike carbon fiber or aluminum or any polycarbon plastic or tampered proof window glasses, kaya dapat ay HANDLE WITH CARE.

    Siguro or maari, may mga taong sadya lang walang magawa sa buhay kundi ang humanap ng butas para masira ang mga nanahimik, or maybe NAIINGIT lang sila dahil po MURA TALAGA ang mga PRODUCTS dito compare to other electronics or computer store di po ba… Or gusto nila/nyo lang solohin ang mga HIGH TECHNOLOGIES na pwede din naman gamitin ng mga mahihirap to ENJOY.

    Bakit ba hindi na lang tayo magkasundo sa iisang bagay… SUPPORT CD-R KING para mas lalo bumaba ang presyo nito, Oh..di mas OK na OK di ba..

    pwede po tumawad? ^____^ if ever

    Matagal na po akong gumagamit ng mga products ng CD-R KING, wala naman akong masabi kc totoo naman OK ito, nasa gumagamit nga lang…


  21. Don’t buy CD-R king products; it’s just a waste of money. Lahat ng mouse na binili ko for my internet cafe nasira within a month.

  22. mga pare, excuse me… hindi nyo ba nabasa yung nasa website nila. kung bakit mura ang mga products nila? walang silang artistang ginagamit para mag endorse sa mga product nila then walang middleman para mag distribute sa ibang mga branches, then direct selling, lastly walang masyadong tech. ang ginagamit, kahit sa pag issue ng resibo nila ay isinusulat pa rin.
    cguro INSECURE lang ang mga walang magawa sa buhay ang mga taong ito…. hmppppp…

    peace yoh!!! hehehehe…
    TY and TC…

  23. Kalokohan lang ng OMB yan… eh yung PIRATED VCD/DVD movie sellers nga di mapatumba eh…. Aysus! Kamo wala silang kwenta… pinapasweldo ng taong bayan, di naman matupad mga agenda nila. Hmmp! And to those who hates CDR King products, sige lang… di naman kayo pinipilit bumili ahh? Nasa sainyo yan… ika nga dapat alam nyo mga consequences. Sa mura ba naman ng products nila of course ibig sabihin they might be using cheap materials also. AYSOS! GETS? Eh yung branded nga eh nasisira yan pa kayang “GENERIC”. Think about it naman.. para naman di kayo nagiisip.

    Actually di naman ako suki ng CDR King. Kasi nagbebenta sila ng murang products, but siempre nasa satin parin kung bibili tayo ng products nila, at hindi naman yung store nila ang pumupunta sa bahay natin diba? TAYO ang lumalapit.

  24. Yung mouse na nasira over a month lang.

    WTF! Bullshit! Bullfuckingshit.
    I’ve bought over like 20 items of mouse and keyboard even card readers…

    They all work until now, except for the ones that are really broken due to overuse…

    its like this. the Government or Customs just wants to milk some dirt in it.

  25. ung 2 gig na pqi memory card 1 month lang pagkatapos bumili ako uli ng 8 gig ganun din 1 month din!

  26. FYI lang sa mga mahilig bumili ng flash card. dalawang bagay lang makakasira dito:
    1. voltage
    2. temperature.
    So it means, lifetime yun, wala k’seng mechanical.
    Minsan, yung USB port ng PC natin ang may problema. Kung defective yung USB port mo, mag induce ng high voltage sa device that cause burnt transistors sa chip ng card.
    Marami na akong flash drive nabili sa CDR king, wala pa akong nasira. Yung plastic case lang minsan ang nasira 🙂

  27. I have recently encountered a problem with the Wi-Fi router I bought from CD-R King. Apparently, they have a special hotline for those having problems with the installation of the said router.

    So I called the wireless assistance [(02) 666-4567] they posted on their website. I was on my best behaviour, I swear I was. The guy on the other line did not even ask for my name, isn’t that a protocol? So there, whatever, he made me do all of this stuff with my modem, laptop and wireless router wires. After some time, I have noticed the change on the tone of his voice. A somewhat annoying, and impatient tone that really ticked me off. I swear, ang bastos. Sarcastic pa ‘yung pagkaka-instruct. Alright, given that, I don’t know anything much about computers and I really need some special instructions, hindi naman reason ‘yun not to be patient diba? At as a Customer Service hotline person hindi ka dapat maging rude or magpakita ng kahit anong sign ng impatience toward the customer. Ang bastos kasi eh, alam mo yun.

    Mahal ba bumili ng manners? Mahirap bang magsabi ng ‘po’ at ‘opo’? They have the poorest service. Kung ikukumpara mo sa ibang computer gadget stores, sa kanila ang may pinaka bastos na crew and, what? Pinaka walang kwenta? Ang sad, sana kumuha man lang sila ng mga taong may manners.

    One more thing, I have also experienced the poor service of their stores. Hindi lang ‘yung sa service hotline. I have watched them make chismis of their boyfriends while watching a line of 5 people. How pathetic is that?

    (02) 666-4567 yung number ng hotline
    Nino – name ng nambastos na person
    and he has this supervisor who’s as stupid as him.

    I hope they all get their Karma someday.


  28. YES! cd-r king may have the cheapest computer accerssories and gadgets but may also have the cheapest services ever in the history of store-kind. Many professional customers claim that they are getting UNprofessional services from this store. Starting with product inquiry from no-one, then falling in line beyond the store’s perimeter until getting technical support to nothing – it’s really frustrating. No computer counter machines and no knowledge of what they are selling. This is an example of a fast growing but to a fast-failing buiseness. Proof is people are now beginning to realize expressing and circulating their bad experiences through different blog sites and many others.

  29. haha… nandito ako para maging isa pang witness kung gaano kasira ang cd-r king products. I dont know why i’m still buying from them… mura kasi. GUILTY from buying cheap items VICTIMIZED and fooooooled

    Here is my story. My aunt from Hong Kong gave may a canon dslr. But i still have to buy a cf card. So me and my sister compared the price of the cf card from CANON with the one from cd-r king. Both stores are in MOA(mall of asia). Then i said to myself… oh my God the RIDATA is 35MB 2gb is a lot cheaper than canon. So we bought it.

    When i started using it to my camera at school. It is so frustrating how slow it was. Obviously i go irritated w/ my camera… telling everybody how my camera is impossible.. Cry

    A couple of months later… our family went to singapore for a cruise. where i got to talk to a shop vendor. They sold cameras and accesories. I inquired about cf cards.the vendor or owner handed me the sandisk extreme III with 30MB/s. So i said “do you have another one that is way faster. cuz i already have a 35MB/s CF card” he didnt believe me. he asked me to show the cf card im using. Then his face got like WHAT! Shocked He just stared at my RIDATA CF card for a few seconds. Then he said to me. THIS IS FAKE!!!!! Undecided

    Then flash back starts.. when me and my sister are both deciding whether to buy the CANON one or cheap cd-r king. huh… FFOOOOLED. Angry

    Then i remembered both the ridata and the violet transparent card reader from cd-r king was both junk… disposable piece of plastic.

    bu then… we still have doubts… Embarrassed. my sister and i both though the we might have dropped it… etc. so we bought another want…. then i is still junk… not working…. ppiece of… well we brought it to cd-r king for testing. still not working. then i asked myself.. why did the card readers from quiapo print shops can open my cf card. and why cant this cd-r king card reader can’t??? huh… tell me… no one can. Huh Huh Huh Huh

    Now after 1 year. my photos are still in my Sandisk CF CARD. I have to transfer them!. i want to post them on my facebook. but only failure. Cry. I bought a card reader again from cd-rking a baby pink k series. I bought it just to try my luck. Maybe this will work. but no. it didn’t. It can’t read anything. My friends from school keep asking me their photos… i just cant admit to them and to myself. Maybe this CD-King card readers had already damaged my Sandisk CF CARD like other posts here.

    by the way my parang nakakarelate ako sayo…”After a bad experience with even a branded card (almost lost my photos of a baptism shoot – buti na lang, may photo recovery software), I now stay with the proven brands. For me, SanDisk Extreme III (or better, if you can afford it) for CF or SD/SDHC – walang kaba!

    parehas din tayo PB.. sad truth.”@CJorpuz

    same thing happened to my SD card.

    2nd time actually

    -the first time it was deteced by the PC but the file were no longer there. I brought it to CDr king and they used a nother “new” card reader files were found.

    -this time yesterday, i inserted the new card reader i bought (the one that read the SD card before) but this time a different SD card, the card reader could not be detected. When finally it was detected.. darn, my video files pictures were all gone. as if erased, but i didnt. As i was about to transfer then yet, so i wold not have erased them yet.

    i bought a new (not cdr king card reader yesterday also) hoping that it will appear this time. but still the files no longer can be found in the folder.
    tried inserting it on the viode cam, but it shows up empty.

    nakaka TRAUMA na un card reader the CDR king (all – in – one). For sure if i tell them their card reader did something they will just say. maybe i did something… aaminin ba nila un card reader nila na nagloloko?!

    I tried scouting for recovery softwares online, but it get confusing and i dont know which one will really do that job.

    I hope you can share what you used, atleast your worked and proven na.

    really appreciate your reply.

    I wont be touching the SD card – will wait for you reply


  30. hahaha. sino man ang nag-tatanggol sa cd-r king… hay nako. buti sana yung masisira walang important informations inside. gaya ng flash drives, memory cards importante sa buhay ng tao. pag binenta at may nakasulat sa packaging na di totoo. it is wrong diba. sa singapore ko pa nalaman na peke yung nabili ko sa cd-r king. pati card reader nila defective. buti sana kung defective lang yun reader. pati yung memory card ko na sandisk nasira. Masakit manakawan ng cellphone dahil marami nakasave diba. same feeling…

  31. i used to buy my computer accessories in CDR-King . yeah its cheap nga pro walang kwenta. pagdating sa bahay ayaw gumana. mga defective ang products na binebenta nla. esp. webcams, mouse, card readers and earphones. sayang ;ng pera ko.haha asar

  32. hays lakas manira ng kapwa di sana matagal ng pinasara lahat ng cdrking branches kung smuggled lahat ng products nila

  33. Agree! pirate king talaga CDRking kaya mura ung mga nabibli dun. Ndi lng un pinipirata pa nila ung mga electronics ng ibang brand. at saka ang pangit ng serbisyo nila ung pinakamasaklap. Palaging mahaba ung pila wala man lng silang magawang matinong solusyon para dun.

    Sana dumating ang panahon na magkaroon ng maraming ka competensya ung cdrking ng sa ganun ndi na mahirap bumili ng electronics na mura.

  34. cd rking…i thought they are well organized when it comes of serving their customers….welll, you are
    wrong! Na encounter ng husband ko ang bulok nyong serbisyo..pumila ang husband ko pero may dumating na
    sikat na singer rapper at bumili ng pagkarami-raming
    blank cd at say mo na by pass ang mga nakapila at inuna
    sya…may pa number number pa kayo bulok nmn pala serbisyo nyo! Nag reklamo husband ko…pero di man lang sila nag-apologize pati ang supervisor ng cdrking moa. Sana
    magkaron kayo ng ka-competensya!May arw din kayo. At ikaw singer rapper you know who you are…idol pa man din kita ganyan ka
    pala. Bwiisit ka Andrew E.!

  35. DARWIN MELCHOR ng cdr-king MOA para sau ito,
    bastos at walang manner’s n sales man sana sumagot k ng maayos pag may nagtatnong sau even customer or kasamahan m, s supervisor nya paki turuan po ng magandang manner’s un staff nyong c DARWIN MELCHOR ndi nya po ata alam ang ibigsabihin ng good manner’s eh! nagtatanong lng ako bumili kc ako ng ink ng brother printer, kc nacompuse ako walang tatak ng brother un snyo s dala kong sample natural bilang customer magtanong ako n kung brother din b un kc if ginamit k s printer nmn at ndi gumana pede k p bng isauli un diba? so that’s why nagtanong ako at ndi nmn masama ang tanong k! sagutin b nmn ako ng napaka rude ng staff nyo at sabihan ng kung ayaw ko wag akong bumili tama b un sapalagay nyo ganyan b kau magestima ng customer nyo! napakabastos at tinanong k un name nya s kasamahan nya den sinabihan p nya un kasamahan nya n “sige ibigay m lahat ng info tungkol skin” sana bigyan nyo ng leksyon ang mga ganitong staff kc kahit anong ganda at mura ng item nyo mawawalan kau ng customer s mga ganyan pag treat nyo s customer nyo!
    sau DARWIN MELCHOR bahala n ang dyos sau kung ano man pinakita m s kapwa m sana magdasal k n ndi m anihin…
    bastos k at walang manner’s, alamin m ang meaning ng good manner’s and right conduct ha… at pati n rin ang good customer service

  36. I am using some CD-R King products and their qualities just match their prices. If I want to be assured of good quality, I have to buy to some refutable stores. I think, their DVD and CD recordable are of inferior quality. I have some bad experience on them. It is just sad that they are ruining the brand name of well-known companies. I believe… some of their items are fake.

  37. merun naman tayong choice kung bibili tau diba puro kayo paninira,magrereklamo tapos bibili naman ulit hmmp…

  38. 1st time kong bumili ng mouse sa CDR King,,,I thought nakamura ako 200 lang may mouse na un pla hindi. After 2 weeks of regular use. Biglang nag USB not recognized. I test my computer ok naman so I have no choice kundi ibalik sa CDR King. After testing ayun sa kanila din hindi na nagwowork. Sabi nung technician may service warranty pa syempre 2 weeks ko pa lang ginagamit noh.Naloka ako balikan ko daw after 4 weeks! pero tumawag daw muna ako sa kanila kung nagawa na! Susmaryosep! sa isang mouse 1 buwan bago nila maayos tsk tsk! Ganun daw kasi marami daw nagpapagawa so ibig sabihin marami silang backjob! Sabi ko so ibig sabihin walang mouse ang PC ko ng isang buwan eh pano yan may online store ako at nakaDSL ako sayang naman ung babayaran ko monthly db ang sagot nila “Ay mam kayo na po ang bahalang gumawa ng paraan po dun! Hay! Tamang sagot ba un!!! Basurang service! Ang ending iniwan ko ang mouse ko sa kanila at bumili na lang ako sa iba ng branded na mouse. Lesson learn I will not buy na sa CDR King!!!

  39. pnung hindi babagal ang serbisyo smantalang manual ang gngawang pagreresibo? former staff aq ng cd-r king . grabe phirap na gngawa nila xa mga employee nla most specially xa mga staff nla. biruin mo b mglabas ng memo na mg-assist daw kmi ng customer in just 2-3 minutes?!! eh mkpili nga lng customer ang tagal2x na eh .di bale sna kng paisa isa lng ung binibili.. eh after nmin ilista ung order/s ng customer xa resibo ililipat pa nmin lhat ng un dun sa salesheet *isang customer p lng un* di nu alam kng gnu khirap ng trabaho xa cd-r… grabe kandasakit na kamay nmin buong araw…

  40. kainis na cd-r yan!!! tsk!! 3 earbuds na ang nbili ko sa kanila lahat sira!! peste! yung latest na earbuds ko 1 week lng… eh grb nga ang pagcare ko dun tapos masisira lng…maganda naman nga ang style ng product nila ang hina naman!!!

  41. panget mouse ng cdking, kahit keyboard,magnda design pero madali msira, gusto niyo heavy duty na mura, buy imitation sony or ibm mouse, mas matibay. gusto mo mahAL na matibay, buy mo A4tech or genius mouse…no comment ako sa cdr’s nila at dvdrs.3 years na ako gumagamit nun ala pa sa 10% total ang dfective for that 3 years use. cool din ang mga laptop bags nila, presyong divisoria, kumpara sa presyong USA…d naman dollars sweldo natin di ba? pakatotoo na lng.

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