Important Issues for the 2010 Elections

I’m going way off-topic on this one. My friend Janette tagged me on what issues are most important to me in the 2010 Presidential elections. Constantly watching the coverage of the US Presidential nominations has certainly opened my eyes to what types of things people look for in a President. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the Philippines. Here, whoever has the biggest dole-outs (aka bribes) or have the most appearances in movies have the highest chances of winning the presidency. Hello Garci, have we not had enough already?

My main issues are:

1. Will the 2010 elections be the same circus that it was 6 years ago?
2. Will we finally have a poll automation system in place to hasten the counting process thus lessen cheating and ballot tampering?
3. Will the clueless masses begin to smart up and choose the candidate based on their merits and not on their jingles or song-and-dance numbers?
4. Will the next President stand solidly on his beliefs and morals and not be another puppet of the Catholic Church?
5. Moreover, will the next administration continue to be a puppet of the US government?

These are the issues that I want our candidates to debate about. Would be fun to watch, but I doubt they ever will. But hey, if we ever do get that poll automation ready and working, that’s enough to make me a happy camper.


  1. All of these are certainly valid issues and concerns. I think as bloggers, as Filipino citizens, as human beings, the best we can do is spread the word… do our best, help out, do our jobs properly and with as much honesty and sincerity. Hopefully, that would be enough to influence those around us and the communities we live in.

  2. Same here Andrew, same here…and my answer to all your questions is only a 2-letter word: NO

    NO we will not have the poll automation that we have been inkling for to lessen cheating… They will always rage a war for it fooling us with the disadvantages because it is not what it’s supposed to be for them.

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  3. To borrow the most colorful language of Sec. Romy Neri, the 2010 elections would be another exercise to “moderate the greed” of the elites.

    The realignments has commenced with JDV, the icon of trapo politics, now siding with the Erap opposition. There is realy no choice between the admin and opposition.

    Kiko of LP is correct that a third force is what the people really need for change in 2010.

  4. that is right. those questions should be asked to each and every one of the Filipinos, in this way they could reflect.
    “Truth hurts. Truth liberates. But the truth must be served. The truth will set our country free. This truth challenges us now to communal action.”
    that should be the basis of everything. but with what is happening now, we will make our mistakes once again.
    PGMA does not want to let go of her power just yet, but who can blame her? we do not have a proper leader to be our head. she is in the best position. she has been able to prevent the stones and boulders heading her way. there may even be another people power or worse, marshal law. to have another people power we still lack two things: the power of the Church and the military. but even if these things do come true, where is the justice? if our dear PGMA is still in charge, where is justice? truly, justice in our country is blind.
    if there will be no marshal law or people power, who will lead our country??

  5. yes i know that 2010 election is fast coming but still we must not forget what is happening at this point of time…we must give attention and focus the ZTE broadband mysterions deal,we must not take this issue for granted

  6. election is fast approaching and each candidate for the 2010 election should give concern on today’s country’s different problems…. problems should be aided by them as early as possible and as best as they can, of course with the help of the people…

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