How Bloggers Use Their Cellphones

I conducted a quick survey called “Globe, Smart or Sun?” a week ago and got a nice number of responses from my techie/blogger friends. Here’s what I found:

1. On average, one blogger owned 2 mobile phones – Not a surprise. 5 respondents actually owned 3 phones.

2. Prepaid users outnumbered postpaid users 3 to 2 – Again, not surprising. Some own just one phone and switch SIM cards depending on who they want to text or call.

3. There were more users on Globe than Smart 4 to 3 – I was expecting Smart to win this one, but Globe tends to be popular among techies/yuppies who can afford their rates.

4. On primary use of phone, text messaging was the most important, followed by calling, Internet browsing, taking photos, sending emails and storing/playing music – Expected, given that we are, no less, the text messaging addicts of the world. I would expect music to rank higher than it did, but apparently our iPods are indeed there for a purpose.

Other neat facts:

The total mobile market is a mind-blowing 55 million subscribers. That’s a 63% market penetration rate! Smart is the leading network with 54% of the market, followed by Globe with 36% and Sun with 10%. For 2006 alone, the market welcomed 14 million new subscribers or a 36% growth rate. This year’s growth won’t be as fast-paced, experts predict.

Thanks to all who participated!


  1. @Ria: Thanks cuz 🙂

    @Noemi: Thanks Noemi. I don’t think I’ve been invited to any of those. Hope that changes soon hahaha!

    @Winston: Thanks Wins!

  2. True, Globe is more aware of bloggers than Smart is in terms of advertising. This is strange because it was Smart that first came out with a “blogging platform” a couple of years ago via Addict Mobile. Oh well…

    Hey Drew, how come you didn’t ask me to respond to this survey? 🙂

  3. @Blogie: Thanks! Well, I was already pestering too many bloggers to answer, and you were MIA for quite a while! Come back!

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