NCLEX Now in the Philippines

Great news for Filipino would-be nurses! I read that Pearson VUE, a computer-based testing provider for certification and licensure exams, will be opening up a testing center in Manila. This means that nursing graduates who aspire to work in the USA need not go to Hongkong for the Nclex examinations.

From the website:

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN®) authorized Pearson VUE to expand testing availability for the NCLEX examination to Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Exam delivery begins at the Pearson VUE-owned and -operated Pearson Professional Center in Manila on August 23, 2007 and exam scheduling opens Friday, July 13, 2007.

I think this is the most logical thing to do, since the US is experiencing a severe shortage of nurses and young Filipinos are out to fill that gap by the thousands per year. The money they save from not having to go to Hongkong can be well spent on their travel expenses leaving for the United States. Makes sense, eh?

You may reach the new test center at:

Pearson Professional Centers
27th Floor, Trident Tower
312 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue,
Makati City,
Telephone Number: +63 2 887 2198


From Buendia LRT Station take a Guadalupe-bound jeepney. Trident Tower is located immediately after the old Shell Maya station, just off the Ayala-Buendia stoplight. Examinees coming from EDSA (Buendia MRT or Guadalupe Tulay) should take an LRT-Taft-bound jeepney and alight just before the Ayala Avenue – Malugay intersection. Those coming in from Ayala Avenue should walk towards Buendia via Geronimo Street (RCBC Plaza and Metrobank GT Towers)

Applicants in the Asia Pacific (Philippines included) who wish to schedule an exam should call +612 9478 5400 (EXT. 3) 8:30 am-6 pm. By dialing this number, you are making a long distance call to Australia. There is no local number available yet. You must also have a credit card ready to pay the scheduling fee.

The first batch of examinees will take the NCLEX on August 23, 2007. I gather that there are still many slots available, but some scheduled their dates in September or later.

For those who are set to take the exams in Hongkong on or after August 23, you may call the number above and have them transfer your venue to the Philippines free of charge.

For examinees coming in from the provinces, there are some hotels in the vicinity you might want to consider:

Makati Palace Hotel (currently 50% off room rates)
5011 P. Burgos corner Caceres Streets
Makati City
Tel: (02) 899-0344

Century Citadel Inn
5007 P. Burgos St. and Kalayaan St.
Makati City
Tel: (02) 897-2370, (02) 897-2666

Salcedo Suites ($33/night)
LPL Manor Building, 116 L.P. Leviste Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel: (02) 893-2654 / (02) 813-6331

339 Gil J Puyat Ave.
Makati City
Tel: (02) 899-9594

El Cielito (kinda far, but not really)
804 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road)
Makati City, Philippines
Tel. No.: (02) 815-8951 to 54

It’s recommended to check in at least a night before and not on the day of exam itself. The NCLEX isn’t easy, you’ll need all the rest you can get! To save on lodging fees, share with someone else who’s taking the test on the same day as you. Good luck!

PRC Nursing Board Exam Results


  1. Elow, help, me and my friend wants to take the NCLEX here, we don’t know where to start. Can you pls help us? And where can we pay the fee and the when are the available slots. Thank you very much….

  2. Gud afternoon, may i know the list of requirement taking
    nclex exam. and if for example the examnee is already in new york what shall i do to take the exam if not yet passed the local board. pls. email me at this address

  3. I am interested to take the NCLEX in the Makati, Philippines. Please send me the requirements / forms to start with the application. I would also like to request for the test schedule from October to December 2008. Thank you very much

  4. Hi good day.. I’m a BSN grad and passed the board this 2008. I’m interested in applying for the nclex exam but I don’t know where to start. Can you please guide me where to start since I am a newbie. I’ve read about the other blogs but I need the steps for application. Please send me immediately the steps so I can start processing it.I wonder about the exam is it monthly or twice a year like the local board?How long will the application be accepted usually to proceed for the next step?And how much will it cost me for the entire exam and processing?Hope to here from you soon.

  5. Hi. I would like to know how much do i need to pay for NCLEX. I would like also to know what are those things.
    Where can I pay? What are the requirements? How will I know when I am going to take an exam? When will I know the result?

    Hope u can help me..

    Thank u

  6. hi.. im planning to take nclex exam dis year. Can u pls provide me exam schedules here in manila? i am waiting for my eligibility… thanks

  7. to tin,
    as of the moment the available scheds are as follows:
    (please take note that slots are easily filled wid schedule as early as you can)
    Mon 18 Aug at 9:00 AM
    Tue 19 Aug at 3:00 PM
    Wed 20 Aug at 9:00 AM
    Wed 20 Aug at 3:00 PM
    Thu 21 Aug at 3:00 PM
    Fri 22 Aug at 9:00 AM
    Wed 17 Sep at 3:00 PM
    Tue 23 Sep at 3:00 PM
    Wed 24 Sep at 3:00 PM
    (i hope i was able to help)
    from:tinnie winnie:D
    Wed 1 Oct at 3:00 PM
    Thu 2 Oct at 3:00 PM
    Fri 3 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Mon 6 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Thu 9 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Fri 10 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Mon 13 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Tue 14 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Wed 15 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Thu 16 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Fri 17 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Mon 20 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Tue 21 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Wed 22 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Thu 23 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Fri 24 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Mon 27 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Tue 28 Oct at 3:00 PM
    Wed 29 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Thu 30 Oct at 9:00 AM
    Fri 31 Oct at 9:00 AM

  8. Hi Andrew,
    thanks a million for posting this blog. It help me alot in setting up my sister’s NCLEX in september. Hats off to you and am pretty sure you helped so many people. For those who wants to start preparing for the NCLEX, best thing to do is to log into the CGFNS website at and download the necessary paperwork. You need to fill up an application for a CES-its a credential evaluation that you have to coordinate with your school in order for them to give you an eligibility letter to go ahead and apply for the board of nursing in the states. It will take a few months to get a response but once CGFNS receives your documentation needed, they will send you a CGFNS card with your ID number on it and that you can use to follow up your status. You also have to choose the state where you want to enter so that you know what are the requirements needed because some states require CGFNS certification and some dont. Just just research it. As far as i know Board of nursing in Massachusettes dont need the certificate and Kentucky and New york dont need it. But just confirm that info. Let me know if i could be of any help.

  9. Hi, Can i have the schedule for the available slots for 2008. Thanks! Any how much does it cost for the scheduling?

  10. Schedule changes everyday;b
    an additional $150 for scheduling if ur gonna take it outside of USA.

  11. My daughter recently passed the nursing board exams in given last June 2008.When is the next NCLEX schedule for the Philippines?

    Thank you.
    Diana Marinao

  12. I want to know what are the requirements to take the nclex,pls.answer me as soon as possible so that i can prepare all my papers. Thanks a lot

  13. thank you so much for posting the available dates for the nclex exam. please do post all the available dates for this year ( until DECEMBER ) thank you

  14. TIN,please do post other available dates until DECEMBER. i’ve been trying to find ways to get the available dates,but unfortunately wasn’t able to. please POST THE available exam dates for the MONTH of DECEMBER… thank u so much!

  15. My daughter was just passed the board exam last june and shes planning to take the nclex soon,pls i want to know what are the requirements,how much is the payments,how and where to apply to take the nclex exam.pls i need your answer as soon as possible.pls send to my e-mail,,thanks and more power.

  16. hi.. i just want to know what are the requirements in taking NCLEX. and how to apply specifically here in Manila..

  17. Hi good day.. I’m a BSN grad and passed the board this 2008. I’m interested in applying for the nclex exam but I don’t know where to start. Can you please guide me where to start since I am a newbie. I’ve read about the other blogs but I need the steps for application. Please send me immediately the steps so I can start processing it.I wonder about the exam is it monthly or twice a year like the local board?How long will the application be accepted usually to proceed for the next step?And how much will it cost me for the entire exam and processing?Hope to here from you soon.

  18. My daughter recently passed the local board exam last june and she wud like to take nclex exam as soon as possible, can u pls send it to my email ad all the requirements needed and also the schedules. thanks so much

  19. helo po. May idea po ba kayo kung ano ang latest available scheds ng nclex? i need to take it kasi before november baka umalis ako at walang malapit na testing center dun sa pupuntahan ko, masasayang ang ginastos ko sa application. Thanks po!

  20. how much do i rili have yo pay for NCLEX? are there agencies who offer their services in processing the application for NCLEX?

  21. pacenxa npo sa lahat ng ngtatanong ng scheds..wala npo akong access sa scheds kc tapos nq mgexam..if ever nlng po me tanong kayo, feel free to send a message sa email q po..bka makatulong sa mga tanong nyo..Goodluck and Godbless… my email ad is

  22. hi!wanna ask if there’s available schedule this january for nclex here in the philippines tanx..please could you email me the available sched 2009

  23. hi peeps. Tanong ko lang po kung pano ang process to apply for NCLEX exam? I just took my NLE this Nov 2008 and im planning to take NCLEX next yr if possible. thanks^^

  24. if you take the nclex exam and passed it, will you be able to apply to any other countries other than the USA?….

  25. Brenda, NCLEX stands for National Council Licensure examination, a board exam required for nurses to be able to work in the US. To work in any other country, they may have their own specially designed licensing examination as well. To be able to work in the Philippines as a licensed nurse, you need to pass the Philippine NLE (Nursing Licensure Exam).

  26. Good day! I am at present here in CA, could I apply, submit application form and pay the fee here but take the exam in Manila instead? If yes, what are the requirements I need to provide and the steps to undergo in registering. Could you provide me pls with schedules for this year. Kindly email everything I need to know at this address, Thank you so much and God bless.

  27. hi can you pls send me an information wer can i get application form for nclex exams here in manila.. thnks God bless

  28. hi! I just want to know if its true that if one person has an ongoing petition for an immigrant visa in the US, you are disqualified to take the NCLEX here in the PHilippines? Yourimmediate response would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

  29. Plz send me a schedule of exam here in manila for nclex-rn on my e-mail…..plz……tnx…..have a nice day…

  30. hi just want want to ask where can we get the application for the NCLEX here in the philippines.
    i want to ask a favor to send me the application form and what the requirement? this is my email add thanks alot

  31. can i take nclex even if i’m only a graduate nurse and not yet registered? what are the requirements? thanks!

  32. hi, can u pls send me the schedule of NCLEX exam in the Philippines for May 2009, thank you.

  33. hi..for those who wants nclex exam schedule, you can see it when you already registered to pearsonvue. the sked changes from time to time.

  34. @Beth: Hi! I’ve just registered to pearsonvue last night and I’m not quite sure where to look for the vacant dates for scheduling in my pearsonvue account. Where exactly can I find it? Thank you in advance!

  35. what are the available schedules for the month of juna anf july for NCLEX 2009? thanks!

  36. hi there im planning to apply for NCLEX but i dont know how could you e-mail the procedure and requirements to me? plus the schedule for this year please… thank you

  37. help…. i dont know what the schedules are for august 2009 and my att will expire on the 18th… ive tried registreing on pearson but it say i have an account howvere when i tried to look up my user name,,, its giving me the alert thing and call up cust service… plsss…. kndly give me the scedules

  38. @Claudz
    Why not try to call them for the available dates?

    The process as far as I know is, you have to apply to the board of nursing then they will send you the eligibilty letter(Not yet the so called ATT).

    You have to register at pearson vue and pay $200 for that. THen you will get a confirmation email(not yet the ATT) from pearson vue. After your eligibilty has been confirmed, they will send the ATT thru email, if you provided one. They say it will take about 2-4weeks and some in a few minutes.

    After getting the ATT, you need to schedule for the test and pay another $150 for the test center.

    Nursing/ Nclex flashcards for review:

    Free nclex reviewers here:

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