NCLEX Now in the Philippines

Great news for Filipino would-be nurses! I read that Pearson VUE, a computer-based testing provider for certification and licensure exams, will be opening up a testing center in Manila. This means that nursing graduates who aspire to work in the USA need not go to Hongkong for the Nclex examinations.

From the website:

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN®) authorized Pearson VUE to expand testing availability for the NCLEX examination to Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Exam delivery begins at the Pearson VUE-owned and -operated Pearson Professional Center in Manila on August 23, 2007 and exam scheduling opens Friday, July 13, 2007.

I think this is the most logical thing to do, since the US is experiencing a severe shortage of nurses and young Filipinos are out to fill that gap by the thousands per year. The money they save from not having to go to Hongkong can be well spent on their travel expenses leaving for the United States. Makes sense, eh?

You may reach the new test center at:

Pearson Professional Centers
27th Floor, Trident Tower
312 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue,
Makati City,
Telephone Number: +63 2 887 2198


From Buendia LRT Station take a Guadalupe-bound jeepney. Trident Tower is located immediately after the old Shell Maya station, just off the Ayala-Buendia stoplight. Examinees coming from EDSA (Buendia MRT or Guadalupe Tulay) should take an LRT-Taft-bound jeepney and alight just before the Ayala Avenue – Malugay intersection. Those coming in from Ayala Avenue should walk towards Buendia via Geronimo Street (RCBC Plaza and Metrobank GT Towers)

Applicants in the Asia Pacific (Philippines included) who wish to schedule an exam should call +612 9478 5400 (EXT. 3) 8:30 am-6 pm. By dialing this number, you are making a long distance call to Australia. There is no local number available yet. You must also have a credit card ready to pay the scheduling fee.

The first batch of examinees will take the NCLEX on August 23, 2007. I gather that there are still many slots available, but some scheduled their dates in September or later.

For those who are set to take the exams in Hongkong on or after August 23, you may call the number above and have them transfer your venue to the Philippines free of charge.

For examinees coming in from the provinces, there are some hotels in the vicinity you might want to consider:

Makati Palace Hotel (currently 50% off room rates)
5011 P. Burgos corner Caceres Streets
Makati City
Tel: (02) 899-0344

Century Citadel Inn
5007 P. Burgos St. and Kalayaan St.
Makati City
Tel: (02) 897-2370, (02) 897-2666

Salcedo Suites ($33/night)
LPL Manor Building, 116 L.P. Leviste Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel: (02) 893-2654 / (02) 813-6331

339 Gil J Puyat Ave.
Makati City
Tel: (02) 899-9594

El Cielito (kinda far, but not really)
804 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road)
Makati City, Philippines
Tel. No.: (02) 815-8951 to 54

It’s recommended to check in at least a night before and not on the day of exam itself. The NCLEX isn’t easy, you’ll need all the rest you can get! To save on lodging fees, share with someone else who’s taking the test on the same day as you. Good luck!

PRC Nursing Board Exam Results


  1. Really? Good to know. I’ll inform my cousins (nurses) in the Philippines. They’re interested in working here in Canada or the US.

  2. Hey, I added their new address in Makati, however the number is for their office in Minnesota. Hope that helps your cousins.

  3. that’s good news. tell me if i get it right, we still need to submit the application to take the nclex to the US and we can get schedule in manila after we get the ATT. tnx

  4. please send me more information where can i get application form for nclex exams. thanks

  5. thank you for that very good news…….
    i can save loads of money for not going abroad just to take nclex exam……………………..

  6. hi…good day…finally NCLEX is here, Iam so happy…can u help me, plz…i have already my eligibity.. what’s the next step? should I register in California or in Philippines? how long it takes to receive my ATT?
    please forward to my email, all schedule for nclex exams, location, and procedures…U
    thanks and God Bless!..

  7. it’s nice that I’ll schedule my exam here in the phils once ‘ll receive my ATT. Hope i can make it soon!!!

  8. please give me procedures on how to schedule for my exam once ‘l receive my ATT. Please forward it to my email…thanks!

  9. Yes this is a welcome treat for us Filipinos. A lot of hardwork has put on this by Filipino nursing leaders and by the philippine government. Any questions on the process, exam prep, etc. pls send me an email at

  10. what are the requirements and when would be the next schedule of nclex here in the philippines

  11. please give me procedures on how to schedule for my exam once ‘l receive my ATT. Please forward it to my email…thanks!

  12. this is truly a wonderful news for nurses.please give me info regarding requirements to take this exam and the schedules as well.

  13. wow!nice to hear this news!really thankful that filipino nurses can now save money in taking the exam since it takes a lot of effort and savings for this NCLEX exam.I’m so excited to take exam soon!More power!

  14. GREAT! please send me more info regarding fees and requirements to be able to take the NCLEX exam. many thanks.

  15. Hi! What would be the requirements needed in order to apply. After September 27 when is the next exam?…THANK YOU!

  16. hi. im scheduled to take my nclex in manila on oct 3. im looking for a hotel that’s not really so expensive and high-end, as long as its near trident tower. which hotel is the nearest? is there like a hotel that’s right beside trident tower or across? cus i dont really want to spend much time worrying about travelling to my test place. the lesser the stress the better.

  17. hi! what are the requirements in taking the exam,pls. email it to me. Tnx! and also what are the schedules preferably Dec. Thank you!

  18. @All: I’m not privy to the schedules and what the whole application process is like. You’ll need to call the number I provided in the article.

    @Jian: I provided some hotels in the article. Please give them a call and ask for rates. They are all near Trident Tower.

  19. thank u. i took note of all the hotels.

    @ everybody interested in taking NCLEX. check this site, it has different application forms for different states and instructions as well.

    @sonia & everyone else: everyday there is an exam, m-f. go to to check out available slots.

    @ronald: the nclex fee is $200. if u take ur exam in a country outside US, u pay an additional $150. and when you submit your papers for evaluation to get eligibility, i think there are different rates for different states. i applied for cali, i paid $107 for that. and another P3000 for sending my papers through fedex and lbc.

  20. erratum: EVERYDAY there is an exam, even on weekends. thats sunday-saturday. but usually weekends are almost always occupied. you can call the number for scheduling m-f 8-5 AET. the call center is in australia and if im right we’re 2 hours ahead of them.

  21. hi… just wanna ask what wud be the requirements in applying for NCLEX & how much would it cost all in all? tnx a lot…

  22. Im leaving in Pampanga and would be taking NCLEX in TRIDENT TOWER. I’m going to take LRT fROM Avenida going to Makati. Could you please give me direction if I board a taxi from GIL PUYAT station. tnx

  23. what are the needed requirements for NCLEX…pls send all infos and likewise how much is the cost when u apply? Thanks!

  24. i want to know when is the next batch after august and how much the total fee in taking the nclex exam here in the philippines.

  25. hi…may i know what are the requirements needed in order to apply the NCLEX and how much would it cost in taking the exam. thanks

  26. hi! im glad to hear taht NCLEX is already available here in thePhilippines. may i know how much is the exam fees and requirements needed?. may i know also the new schedule for the exams and available sites. thank you vey much..more power!!!

  27. i just wanna know what is the requirements in applying for nclex & how much is the fees & schedule for exams? thank you

  28. Hello there Filipino Nurses! Heard in the news that slots for exams are fully booked til October 2007. Please check on It will give you an idea about all things you wanna know. Thanks!

  29. you will pay US$200 upon registration and another $200 for the examination fee, anyway, just check it out.

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