What Does it Take to be a Youtube Celebrity?

I’m a big, big fan of ChristineHappy Slip” Gambito for her funny videos depicting the typical goings-on of a middle-class Filipino family living in the US. I found Christine’s latest video through Aileen’s blog, wherein her parents and an aunt are gossiping about her cousin Mimi’s new boyfriend played by another apparently popular Youtube celeb named Kevjumba. Anyway, I wonder if there are other Filipino vloggers I’ve never heard of besides her. Well, the reason for my ignorance is I’m not a Youtube regular. I find myself going there only when I’m seriously bored.

When I visited my Youtube account for about the second time this year, I was surprised to see that I have forty-freakin’-two subscribers! Cool! Hahaha. But that’s nothing compared to Happy Slip’s 54,000++ or Kevjumba’s 40,000++. I do know of another Pinoy making waves at Yahoo! Videos. His name is Rex Hermogino, who won first place at the Yahoo! Talent Show with his music video entries. Check him out, he’s pretty cool.

So what does it take to become an online celebrity like them? I noticed that all of them are Asian Americans. I guess aside from natural talent, charisma and movie-editing skills, you’ll have to be immersed in American culture if you wanna reach the largest possible audience.


  1. I love Christine too! She’s just phenomenal. Her latest video is funny, lol. I envy those people who were able to meet her in Washington Square Park recently. 🙁

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