Ask Google, It Shall Compute

Need to solve a simple mathematical problem with no calculator in sight? Well, fret no more! Google’s search engine can transform into a calculator if you tell it to! Ok, that was a stretch, but watch:

Let’s say that you just got your Google Adsense check worth $123.45. And you wonder … How much is this in Philippine pesos? Simple! Go to and type:

123.45 usd in php

And you’ll get something around 5,651 pesos.

Ok, now from that amount, say that you promised your girlfriend last month that you’ll give her half of what you just earned. Hmm, that will leave you with:

5651/2 = 2,825.50

You can even do it this way:

123.45/2 usd in php

Next scenario: You’re filling out an application form and under the height field, it tells you to input in centimeters, but all you know is that you’re 5’8. What to do?

(5*12+8) inches in centimeters

And you’ll find out you’re 172.72 centimeters tall. What if you’re asked of your weight in kilos?

155 pounds in kilos = 70.3 kilos

What’s 70.3 squared?

Query: 70.3^2

Cool huh?

There are a lot more you can do with Google’s calculator. You can read about it here and get familiar with some operators here.


  1. Wow! This is certainly useful! I’ve always known about the calculator function… but I never knew that it could spit out conversions as well. Very handy!

  2. @Blogie: Cool ain’t it? 🙂

    @Eugene: I know!! I forgot about that! Thanks for reminding.

  3. One of my favorite functions is “define:” which lets you look up the meaning of words. Very useful to bloggers!

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