How to Make A WordPress Guestbook?

Someone asked me how to make a guestbook in WordPress. No, it doesn’t require a plugin. Simply create a new page (Write Page) in your Admin Panel and call it ‘Guestbook’. Be sure to allow comments so that your visitors can ‘sign’ it. Update: New, More Wonderful Instructions! Another Update: WordPress Generator Plugin is a… Continue reading How to Make A WordPress Guestbook?

Goldfrapp is Cool

I never thought I’d be listening to this kind of music, that is, the dance/electronic kind of music. But Goldfrapp’s CD called Supernature is just too good to ignore. Check out Track 10, “Time Out from the World”. Welcome to the Goldfrapp – Winning Made Easy

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Great Fresh Sites

Here are some cool new sites recently added to our directory: Dekada Otsenta gives us an amusing look back into the 1980’s by offering quizzes on how much we know about the infamous era. All scores are tracked and analyzed statistically. Some notable questions: Sino ang host ng “Lovingly Yours, Helen”? Alin sa mga ito… Continue reading Great Fresh Sites

Not so Supr

Don’t get me wrong, I love Suprglu, but so far it’s been giving me a hard time. I added up my XML feed on January 15. That feed had been updated basically everyday, but last time I checked a few minutes ago, Suprslow, ehem, Suprglu hasn’t updated my page even once! I had to delete… Continue reading Not so Supr

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SEO in the Philippines

I’m part of a discussion group called SEO Philippines. We discuss things such as SEO (of course!) and other aspects of web development. If you’re a brooding webmaster still learning the ropes, then I suggest you join us. SEO Philippines was created by Marc Macalua (blog @ SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is still… Continue reading SEO in the Philippines

WordPress Sitemap for Google Sitemaps

Arne Brachhold created a nifty tool to generate a sitemap for WordPress blogs compliant with Google Sitemaps specifications. His latest release is compatible with WordPress 2.0. Upload sitemap.php via FTP to your Plugins folder and activate it at the admin panel. Click on Options > Sitemap to edit options and/or generate the sitemap. Everytime you… Continue reading WordPress Sitemap for Google Sitemaps

Google Asked to Expose Searches Made by Users

The Feds have subpoenaed Google Inc. for details on the searching habits of its users in an effort to revive an Internet child protection law that was previously blocked by the U.S. Supreme Court. The government argues that it needs the information to see how often search results included pornographic content. What are the implications… Continue reading Google Asked to Expose Searches Made by Users

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A v7ndotcom elursrebmem Update

Search results for the keywords “v7ndotcom elursrebmem” are rolling in. As I write there are 32,500 results and my previous post on the subject is in the third page (see image above), not bad. I’m sure it will be pushed back further as the SEO’s improve on their tactics. For those who joined, how are… Continue reading A v7ndotcom elursrebmem Update

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