This Website is Optimized for ?

If I had a quarter for each web designer who’s under the assumption that displaying the line “This Website is Optimized for Internet Explorer” (and its variants) puts a stamp of approval on their hard work, I’d be the richest man on Earth. What appears harmless can actually be a potential turn-off. Not all of your visitors will be browsing your site with the browser you supposedly ‘optimized’ it for. It’s like inviting a bunch of people to a party, but you only allow the ones wearing a purple shirt in. Not cool. And purple shirts? Who wears them anyway?

I test my sites with at least five browsers, plus the old ones still in circulation. With that behind me I don’t have to worry if my sites look good or bad for my readers. But with the emerging popularity of more modern browsers, such as IE 7, Firefox, Opera 8, Netscape 8, the fuss is more unnecessary than it is practical. Bottom line is, if you feel like you need to optimize, go right ahead. But if you say you only optimized for Internet Explorer, dude, you didn’t optimize at all.


  1. I agree as well. However, if your website is only optimised for IE, then writing it down gives the reader the important information that they might not visualise it properly in other browsers. That’s the whole point I believe.

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