Not so Supr

Don’t get me wrong, I love Suprglu, but so far it’s been giving me a hard time. I added up my XML feed on January 15. That feed had been updated basically everyday, but last time I checked a few minutes ago, Suprslow, ehem, Suprglu hasn’t updated my page even once! I had to delete and resubmit my feed today to see the changes. I actually had emailed them about my problem, but they didn’t bother to respond. In a post dated January 13, 2006 in their official blog, they state that:

SuprGlu graduated to new servers over the holidays and we’re happy to announce that our users’ feeds are now refreshed quicker and more consistently than ever before.

So how long did it take before?


  1. hi Andrew,

    I’m part of the SuprGlu team, and I want to apologize for the bad experience you’ve had. To clarify, our servers are currently refreshing the feeds at least once a day. Our stance is that SuprGlu acts well as a daily aggregator, picking up the pieces throughout the day. Regardless, we will keep on improving our service’s speed as we continue our development.

    If you see that your content is not refreshing for over 24 hours, please drop me a line and we’ll look into it.


  2. Thanks for your comment Danny. I still honestly believe that SuprGlu is a great service. I updated my XML feed last night. I’ll see how long it’ll take for my Suprglu page to pick it up. I do think that my fresh links are benefitting from it because Google seems to like it a lot. 🙂

  3. It’s been more than 24 hours but still no update. No worries, I’ll just do the same routine (delete, add).

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