Getting Up to Speed

As I get up to speed with my blogging here, here are some things worth mentioning:

1. The Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 in Cagayan de Oro City is a go on October 24, 2009. There is a minimum fee of P500 which covers expenses throughout the sessions including food and a city tour, and there is an option to go white water rafting for P1,000. Sounds like fun! Kudos to the organizing team led by Chiq Montes.

2. The Philippine Blog Awards is going to Mindanao! Yes, the PBA will be held in tandem with MBS3! Special awards to be given out are Mindanao Advocacy Blog, Mindanao Photoblog, Uniquely Mindanao Blog and Mindanao Destination Blog.


3. Nokia OVI spokesperson Jayvee Fernandez blogged about a contest where you upload a pic of your workstation and get a chance to win P2,000 in gift certificates and a Nokia phone. I submitted mine, but I doubt that I’ll win 🙁 But mine doesn’t look so bad, right? More details here.

4. I just got back from a trip to 3 countries – Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. I had a blast, except for injuries I sustained while doing a Superman stunt on a walk-on conveyor. Read about it in my personal blog.


5. I recently launched a blog with my friend Aileen that’s dedicated to our favorite beverage — TEA! There are only two entries so far, but there’s more to come, I promise! Once Aileen gets her Internet back, she’ll start posting too. Head over to Tea, Completely.

6. I *really* hope I can revive this blog of mine. I wonder why people still keep visiting but I’ll try the best I can to keep it that way. I tend to over-analyze when writing an article for Alleba Blog and that burdens me a lot. My real style of writing could be seen on my personal blog, which is more relaxed and free-flowing. I’ll employ that tone here from now on. Should be great. Might I mention that I made some real cool purchases in Singapore which I look forward to sharing with you guys.

7. I wasn’t at Wordcamp Philippines 2009 for several reasons. Most of them I could not mention here. But let me say this. Leadership doesn’t mean sitting around, acting like a diva and think you can treat people like slaves. Wordcamp 2008 was a success because the team worked as equals. That’s not to say Wordcamp 2009 wasn’t a success, but I’d go as far as saying that Chattee, Lyle, Brendel and Jim did a splendid job in turning things around and making the event an enjoyable one.


8. Wordcamp NYC is now using a logo that I made for their event. I didn’t expect to win. Actually, four of us won! LOL.

That’s all for now. More updates coming soon!


  1. 1 and 2. I originally planned of attending the MBS and PBA in Mindanao, but since I wasn’t able to avail the cebu pac promo, I decided not to push through with it. I am not really sure when they formally announced that the attendees need to pay a certain fee. I am quite sure that some Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao bloggers who were excited about the event have a number of questions in their minds. I’m sure there’s a reason behind it and let’s understand them na lang 🙂

    3. Love you workstation! Didn’t know that you have a big… mousepad. I mean, I assumed that yours is big, but not as big as that one LOLOLOL

    4. One question: Why did you choose Singapore as your knee-bleeding spot? LOL

    5. You have to treat me tea when you come back here in Manila.

    6. I used to visit this blog of.. errrr… i mean the search engine haha oh well nevermind (fangirl revealed wah)

    7. I failed to attend the Wordcamp Manila, but Winston and I had our own Wordcamp celebration at Boracay and we discussed about themes, plugins while snorkeling at Puka Beach.

    8. Are you going to Wordcamp NYC? If yes, don’t forget your pasalubong for me ::D

  2. @Chattee: Yes, me too!

    @Mica: I wish the prize included a trip to New York 😀 But I got a link, which is good enough for me.

    @Lyle: Thanks koya!

  3. for 1 & 2: i hope the weather permits the event (and non-mindanao residents flying there).

    3: phail ako… sasali sana ako then read that the deadline is 11:59pm kanina. I read your post 12:11am.

    4. overquota ka na sa travelling for the year ha. basta make sure you’ll make your very last trip for the year ha 😉

    5. congrats sa tea blog nyo ni Aileen ! i remember we were all brainstorming on that few months ago over a shakeys pizza on a cold rainy night.

    6. i like the way you write. WEE-T (witty). 😉

    7. congrats sa wordcamp logo ! galeng galeng ko noh… puro wordpress users mga friends ko tapos ako drupal user. LOL!

  4. Snap.. I forgot that Jayvee’s contest ends at midnight!! Sorry!

    Hopefully I can catch up with you and Aileen at MBS3.

    You should try WordPress just for the heck of it. I’m beginning to love Blogger too though 😛

  5. 1. MBS3 is going to be a blast. Hope my schedule permits me to go.

    2. Yawza! Finally, recognition for the the talented and hard-working Mindanao bloggers. 🙂

    3. May Google mug talaga sa work station? LOL!

    4. Pasalubong?! Also, why ka gumagaya sa clumsiness ko? FAIL KA!

    5. TEA! <3 I'll link from Kusina Maria. 🙂 I hope you will be able to maintain this. Ehem… DarnSlick ehem…

    6. HELLER! BLOG NA ULIT! I think it's just a phase that you're more excited to blog at your other blog.

    7. A big congratulations and a warm hug to the very hard-working Chattee, Lyle, Brendel, and Jim, the real organizers who made WC Ph 2009 happen and become a success. APPLAUSE! Boo to pretentious bossy people who think they can fool people forever. 😛


  6. #7 Aww… It was Chattee, Brendel and Lyle who did all the hard work during the event. I was just there for ‘moral support’ hehehe

    #8 Congratulations on being one of the WordCamp NYC logo winners. Woot!

  7. Congratulation on your winning the WNYC,the logo was simple and logical,keep it up!
    Your workstation is just fine but I think the lighting inside the room is a bit down and so could not bring out the ‘technical beauty’ of your machine.I have seen some photos of contestants and can say that they have used good lights,surrounding to take the photos of their workstations even if it meant changing the setting of their rooms a little bit!

  8. too bad I didn’t get to bungee jump with 🙁 let’s plan the kota kinabalu trip.. pero next year na kse I haz no more mooolah :-&

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