My Blogger’s Choice is Myself

I vote for my photoblog, Davao Photo, to win the 2009 Blogger’s Choice Award at the Philippine Blog Awards.

A lot have been campaigning their blogs to win this prestigious award. I’m refraining from voting for anyone this time, because I made two promises to two people that I would vote for them, blindly thinking that it was possible. But after reading the fine print, I learned I was wrong. So to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, I hereby declare that my vote goes to myself. There is no rule against voting for myself. I know I won’t win but at least I chose something close to my heart. And that is why I feel like I’ve won already.



  1. You are right,one should be true to one’s own self first and then only can one be true to others.Good for you to have the courage to write about.You know many people just evade this question altogether.Congratulations on your victory (for yourself):)

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