Yahoo! Philippines Hires New Country Manager

Word is that Yahoo! Philippines will announce Monday that they had hired Jack Madrid as its new Country Manager.

According to his Linkedin Profile, Jack’s had two decades worth of experience in BPO, media, banking and venture capital. A graduate of Wharton, he specializes in call center management, strategic planning, media & marketing and commercial banking. Prior to his new gig, Jack was senior executive for Dell International Services, a contact center in the Mall of Asia. His impressive work portfolio also includes MTV, Ayala Corporation and Citibank.

Yahoo! Philippines has taken great strides in boosting its brand awareness locally, most recently through the Yahoo! Purple Hunt, which took participants all Metro Manila to find “clues” to win prizes. I surmise that Mr. Madrid’s hiring is in lieu of something bigger. What it might be, I have no clue. Yahoo! does have a General Manager for the Philippines, in the person of Jojo Anonuevo. I wonder how their roles would play out (or clash) once Jack steps in. Something’s brewing, that’s for sure.


  1. I’ve encountered him during media events for MTV Philippines some years back. No wonder the name rang a bell. It would be interesting to see what Yahoo! has up in store for the Philippines.

  2. Andrew, if Jack has so much of professional experience and compare this with that of Jojo I don’t think there is really a cause for concern.
    Professionals might have differences between them but their outlook and problem handling is different to what a ‘not that experienced’ person would do.
    Moreover this is a boon for any organization to have such experienced people with them.Their experience is what is going to become the face of Yahoo !

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