The Fastest Internet

I wish I can say the same thing for my crappy MyDSL. This lucky 75-year-old lady in Sweden boasts a 40-gigabits-per-second fiber-optic connection, so far the fastest residential Internet speed recorded. Sigbritt Lothberg, hardly the web cybergeek, has her son Peter, a networking expert, and his friend Hafsteinn Jonsson to thank. Peter simply wanted to demonstrate that it was possible to achieve such blazing fast speeds.

At 40gbps, I can download a whole MP3 album at a blink of an eye. To download a DVD-quality movie, it will take at most 2 seconds. Now, doesn’t that take the ‘wait’ out of the World Wide Wait? I’m not an avid downloader though, but I do upload scripts a lot which can be painfully slow. What I’ll give to bask in Sigbritt’s glory.

Read the full (old) story here.


  1. although you had 40gpbs conexon you are still capped by the limits of the host you are downloading from…MP3 album in a seconds? Do you realize how fast a HARD DISK IS? the bottleneck of the whole pc? o_O you know nothing.

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