WordPress Plugin: Daily Top 10 Posts Improvements

I decided to address a number of the complaints and suggestions some readers made about my Daily Top 10 Posts WordPress plugin. Sat down at my favorite wifi-enabled cafe (Yellow Hauz) for 5++ hours and voila … version 0.3 is born!

Improvements in version 0.3:

1. Corrected the bug that displays an error message in a post when viewed or previewed for the first time. (Thanks Richard)

2. Corrected the bug that includes unpublished and deleted posts in the sidebar widgets.

3. Included an option to record post views without displaying the counter.

4. Automatically inserts a list of Top Ten Posts for the Day in the admin homepage (see sample image).


5. Added an option to adjust the date when post views are recorded in case your webhost resides in a different timezone. Just enter the time offset in the $OFFSET variable in the plugin. (Thanks Gary for the idea)

6. Did several code improvements to speed up performance and lessen SQL queries.

I’m kind of beating myself up for not correcting all these errors sooner. But I promise you, this release is pretty solid. If you’ve been using version 0.2, it’s highly recommended that you upgrade to 0.3. This has been tested on WordPress versions 2.0 up to 2.2.

If you haven’t tried this plugin, please do so! It’s a great tool for tracking how well your posts are performing per day especially if you’re into keyword optimization. If you don’t know what that is, suffice to say that it’s a great reason to obsess about your stats. 😀

To download the plugin, click here.


  1. First, i’m sorry for my bad english.
    I’ve already edited this plugins so that it doen’t show the counter in sidebar (except for an admin, author…) and it doesn’t count my (admin, author…) own visits therefore it doesn’t show the unpublished posts (cause the admin’s visits are not recorded).

    http://opendz.tuxfamily.org/2007/07/21/top-posts-by-category-mais-sans-compter-vos-visites/ (in french)

    A modified version (of 0.3) is here:

    Thanks for this great job!

  2. i forget to say that for distinguish between an admin (author …) user and others i inserted:
    if (!current_user_can(‘edit_posts’))
    in the function todays_overall_count just below:
    global $table_name_all;

  3. Hi on wordpress 2.3.2 if you add the ode tot your single page it throws and error aound line 249 although it does still count the number of views.

    ID, ‘Visited’, ‘times’, ‘so far today’, ‘0’); ?>

    Warning: Missing argument 6 for todays_overall_count(), called in /home2/cheaperh/public_html/cheap-holidays/wp-content/themes/talian-10/single.php on line 21 and defined in /home2/cheaperh/public_html/cheap-holidays/wp-content/plugins/dailytop10.php on line 246

    Any idea?


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