SEO Philippines’ BeerCon 2006

Finally, I got to meet Marc and Abe in person at Jill’s (@ the Fort) where SEO Philippines’ first Beercon was held. It was perfect timing. I got home from Thailand that day October 28, refreshed and renewed after a tedious work schedule and a cold that wouldn’t go away (I’m better now). What a perfect way to cap a terrific vacation.

Google’s Country Representative, Aileen Apolo, made an interesting presentation about Google and its plans for the Philippines. Unfortunately, setting up a real brick-and-mortar office isn’t included in those plans. But who knows. But, she encouraged everyone to be GAP (Google Advertising Professional) certified and rounded up the benefits of doing so — you get recognition from Google and basically a great career ahead of you. Demand for Adwords is picking up in the Philippines so getting certified is a no-brainer if you’re a brooding SEM. Marc mentioned a while back that he wants to be the first Filipino to be certified. Hope he gets it so many others will follow suit!

Aileen is also visiting the South, particularly my city Davao! Yeah! I look forward to helping her out in her gigs here.

Pics after the jump.

marc macalua andrew

With Main Man Marc Macalua

abe yuga olandres andrew

With Blogging Guru Abe ‘Yuga’ Olandres (Argh, I look so harassed!)

aileen apolo andrew

With Google Rep Aileen Apolo


  1. Yeah, I didn’t get to meet everyone due to logistical problems. I was on the mezzanine and everyone else were seated below. Hehe.

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