Bryanboy, Tsk tsk tsk.

I’m not a practicing Catholic. I don’t go to church except when I’m forced to or when it’s Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. So really, there’s no place for me to give a righteous reaction to the current media/Internet circus surrounding Bryanboy. He’s getting exactly what he craves for: attention. And boy did he get it, albeit unexpectedly.

Honestly, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Bryanboy gave his opinion when he decided to post those controversial pictures of his European friend posing beside a statue of Jesus Christ, whom he considers “his fucking homeboy”. Some name-calling ensued, touting him the next Anti-Christ, one starting an online petition that, unsurprisingly, didn’t flourish. If you ask me, I couldn’t care less. I didn’t find anything offensive about those pictures, which take note, Bryanboy isn’t in. He did say he loved Jesus, right? “Fucking homeboy”, although quite crass, was vaguely well-intended. If you browse his site long enough, this guy isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. He’s a miles away from even a fraction of newsworthiness. It’s simple. If you don’t like him, stop going to his site! By the way, how and why did Kenneth Ocampo end up there in the first place?

The uproar and animosity towards Bryanboy is misplaced. There are too many problems hounding the world right now and this should be the least of them. Jesus Christ has been made fun of far worse than this. Have you been following the news at all? Can you say “disgusting priests and evangelists who prey on hapless altar boys”? How about making separate petitions against each of them? If you are to draw the line between what’s moral and immoral, or decent and indecent, take a long, hard look around you. There’s a good chance you missed something.

I read it first here. Read more about it here and here.


  1. I wasn’t offended by those pictures even though there is no doubt that they are sacrilegious . It was a lot of noise for nothing.

  2. I’m thinking along the lines of what happened before whem they made that Turban caricature in some Danish newspapaer, caused quite an uproar. But I don’t see why “ridicule” should merit any sort of “persecution”, which if you think is kind of ironic.

    Bryan Boy has too much attention at bay. Please naman. Well at least he knows how to stir it up everytime, no? Damn he’s good.

  3. I don’t think the pictures, or the caption is immoral or indecent. Inappropriate, maybe. But definitely not immoral.

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