Manila Update

Yep, I’m in Manila again. I wrote about WiFi here not being free in most places here and that is still the case. However, just like back in Davao City, I am blogging through someone else’s WiFi. Thanks, whoever you are. Yes, you can call me a WiFi pirate. Arrrr.

Actually, I’m here because I’m going to Thailand tomorrow with my aunt and cousin. I am looking forward to using my semi-SLR Canon S3 IS to take pictures and see if there is any hope in me to excel in this craft. This is also a welcome break from all my work activities. But I have a lot of stuff to finish, namely:

1. Finish up and release my Future Cargo WordPress theme. It’s my first official theme, so I’m gonna make sure everyone will like it.

2. Update my WordPress plugins and think of a new one to make.

3. Finish up the design for my mini-resto’s overhead menu. This one is high up there in priority.

4. Be more active in my Dota Allstars site.

5. Make sure that my upcoming site won’t suck.

6. Write for my blogs more often.

I will be back on the 28th, just a day after Marc M. scheduled a meetup with Google’s country rep. *Sigh* Yet another missed opportunity.

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