Philips’ Not So Bee-rilliant Idea

Seeing the decline of bee populations in cities worldwide, Philips invents the ‘Urban Beehive’ which gives urban dwellers an option to, well, have these stingy critters as pets. It works this way: a flower pot is placed neatly behind the contraption for bees to extract the pollen, then pass through a funnel on top to enter the synthetic hive encapsulated in a glass shell. The freaky-looking shell (which resembles an alien cocoon), filters light to emit orange wavelengths to allow the bees to see.

I’m not crazy about the idea of people breeding their own colonies for the sake of riding the “eco-chic” bandwagon. Beekeeping is a not a hobby but a business that requires serious experience and knowledge. Let’s leave it to the professionals shall we? And we’ll leave it to Philips to stick to the other cool things they come up with.

Source: Philips


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