Best 10 Web Hosting Sites

This is a paid review.

WP Web Designer has come up with a list of its own compiling various Webhosting Sites and ranking them according to a strict criteria. This criteria takes into consideration the price, server uptime, reliability, ease-of-use, control panel and customer support. These are indeed factors you should watch out for before deciding on a webhost.

I’m happy to see that Dreamhost is on the list. I have been with Dreamhost since 1997. My relationship with them has had its ups and downs. Despite my constant bickering, they have been continuously providing me excellent customer service and that is why I have stuck it out with them ever since. Dreamhost provides many levels of webhosting packages depending on your needs. They have shared webhosting that is perfect for beginners and bloggers. They also have Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers for sites requiring serious amounts of disk space and bandwidth. I signed up for their VPS service, because some of my sites were beginning to get a lot of traffic that a shared account could no longer handle. They have a neat feature in the control panel that allows me to control the amount of bandwidth I only need, so I pay only what I consume. Pretty cool eh? Aside from Dreamhost I recommend Bluehost and Hostmonster. Be sure to check out WP Web Designer for credible webhosting reviews and ratings.

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