Best 10 Webhosting Sites in Canada

The following is a paid review. is a great resource in deciding what is the best webhosting providers in Canada that suits the needs of your personal or business website. Well, you may ask, why Canada? The web hosting industry in Canada is shaking up the web hosting industry with its recent advances in reliability, customer service and technology, giving their American counterparts a run for their money. My webhosts, Dreamhost, Media Temple and A Small Orange, are all based in the United States, but I have heard many good things about Canadian webhosts Hostmonster and Bluehost as well. Many of my friends are in fact hosted on Bluehost and are very happy with them. It is not to say that one is better than the other, but it may be something to consider.

On, you can see that details of each webhost such as pricing, disk space, bandwidth, reliability and speed are provided in a clean, easy-to-read interface. At the end of each row is an overall score of the webhost that is based on customer reviews and other critical factors like ease-of-use, uptime, support, and cost. Also provided is a link pointing to actual reviews from users. I highly recommend for anyone wanting credible reviews and ratings to help them make sound decisions in picking the perfect webhost.

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