Awesome Business Card Ideas

Anyone who wants to succeed in blogging should not only make a good impression online, but also offline. How? Like anyone who is serious about their craft, having a nice business card to give around is a must. I scoured around the internet in search of the best and quirkiest business card designs. Here they are:

This one, by Jenni Mattson, features cutout lock picks. Cool!

wet paper bag
Lewis Glaser used a paper bag and a splash of watercolor to come up with this ingenious design.

Dan Ross’s business card not only is, well, a business card, but transforms into a toy car!

Business  Cards (300)
Autobots, transform!

Actual Size
Joe Schumbat, of Actual Size Creative, also implemented a cutout on his card.

yuka suzuki
Yuka Suzuki, a hair and makeup artist, cleverly used hair pins on her business card. Very functional!

Anja Osterwalder added a perforated line on her business card to achieve a “ticket stub” feel.

The debossed/embossed logo on the left side of Kenny Goldstein’s card really appealed to me.

Nancy Levine’s business card works both ways: it provides her contact information and showcases her photograph at the back.

Voderman Photography’s business card design is bold and smart.

I love the irony of this one.

The use of plastic and paper makes this business card a stand out. You can easily replicate this with transparency (or acetate) and craft paper. Simply print your contact information on an inch thick of paper, cut it out and glue it around the pre-cut transparency.

This one shows that your business card can either make or break you. In this case, the logo illustrations succeed in creating a brand awareness for Chef Burger, and add a bit of quirkiness to the overall design. I like this one a lot!

Strive’s business is innovative such that it employs two layers of paper attached to each other. The top layer I’m guessing is parchment paper embossed with the Strive logo, and underneath one will find the contact information printed.

Elixir Design’s business card includes all team members’ names, but the owner’s name is highlighted (this case it’s Kyle Pierce’s). The card looks as if part of the back was torn off, but actually the card was dipped in watercolor, creating a cool rugged effect.

Front view of Elixir Design’s card.

Smith’s Double Entendre plays on the Double Mint chewing gum design. The actual business card is wrapped inside.

scott ott
This guy uses a folding template for his card. While folded, it shows his name, ‘Scott’. When opened, his surname, ‘Ott’ remains.

These are some ideas you can use as inspiration for your own business card. With the right skills and materials, I bet you can come up with something just as awesome.


  1. Genius! These cards definitely are something particularly the one that you can use to transform into a car. A bit skeptic at first, but when I scrawled down and saw that it really transformed into a car, wow! Awesome!

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