Google Wave Invites Giveaway


I got 30 invites yesterday and now they’re down to 18. Who wants? Leave your email in the comments section. May take a day or two for the invite to be sent.

UPDATE: Down to Zero. I’m quite surprised by the number of requests I got! Wow! I will have more invites available soon. Please subscribe to my feed to get dibs on those future invites.


  1. Thanks a lot I got the invite. Would you know if we will also be allowed to send invites too? So that we can use the full features of Google wave.

  2. By what time can we expect a fresh invitations?
    I am in India and it is really tough getting any invitations here whatsoever.I am really dying to test the new google wave for months.
    Please send me an invite whenever possible.
    Thank You.

  3. I got often google wave invites.
    just send me a email and i will sent you a invite
    sulejman1812 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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