Max’s Restaurant’s 3-Day Online Delivery Service

My friend RJ asked me a while ago if I knew of a restaurant in Manila that delivers and accepts payments through Paypal. He said Max’s Restaurant did, but him and his friend didn’t feel like eating chicken tonight. I asked my friends on Plurk if they knew of any. Gail pointed out something odd about Max’s online delivery. In their Conditions of Use page, it states that you must make your order 3 days in advance. But notice the banner on top where it says “We Deliver the Max’s Experience in 30 mins”. Hmmm. Isn’t that strange?

What is stranger is you are forced to make a minimum purchase of $12. But if you cancel your order 1 week ahead of time, there’s a processing fee of $12, basically leaving you with nothing. If you cancel 3 days before, you get a 50% refund but you still need to pay the $12 fee. So let’s say you order food worth $12 and cancel in time for a 50% refund. You get $6 back, but you owe them $12 to process the cancellation. As a result you end up $6 poorer. So why bother canceling at all? What gives, Max??


  1. The only food place in the country(that I know) that offers payment via paypal HAD to be Max -_-

    We ended up going to a local baliwag-rip-off place(but it tastes so much better) and buying two roasted chickens for only P140 each. Money well spent!

  2. LOL its just a way to escape liability. Since they have informed you that you need to notify them in 3 days advance, it lets them off the hook.

  3. That’s……nice. 3 days in advance XD

    Here we have McD and Pizza Hut online ordering and deliveries. You can pay through internet banking or credit card, so no fuss about paypal. And no 3 days in advance, just 1 hour XD

  4. nyooooookz……. 3 days..?! it’s kinda odd.. not unless you are planning to treat your friends in the next 3 days..

    newies, ayus nman kasi may paypal..


  5. I guess there’s a reason why Max died out in Davao. My dad is obsessed in eating there whenever he’s in Manila though. Food is so-so and service is not something to note about(positive-wise). But these policies are just ridiculous.

  6. actually max’s online ordering are for those who are abroad and wants to place delivery for their love-ones here in the Philippines. That’s why it is in $….

  7. tama po sabi ni jinx yang site na yan ay sa mga taong nasa abroad na gustong umorder po ng pagkain sa max at ibigay sa mahal nila dito sa pilipinas …kaya 3 days ang nid nila ay process req. ng paypal sa abroad to phils.pero kung gusto nyo tlga makaorder d2 sa pinas e2 ang callcenter nila.. dial 7-9000.yan dapat ang tinatawagan nyo if ever po nand2 kayo sa pinas ,,sana nakatulong ako sa mga malulupit nyong reaction and 30 mins delivery ay garantisado.. sa kanilang delivery vicinity ..ciao^_^

  8. dapat nilinaw nila un sa site nila….
    and wow.. that’s so amazing!!!!!
    imagine.. deliver in 30mins.
    tapos order within three days?
    ano ba yon? servicio deluxe?
    i don’t think so…

  9. ang OA niyo mag react,hindi niyo pa naman alam ang full details na pang nasa abroad lang ang site na un at ang procedure ng paypal sa ibang bansa.

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