Google Feedproxy: Should You Switch?

Back at, I noticed a handful of blogs whose Feedburner statistics have stopped updating. I looked into it and saw that all of their feeds have switched to a somewhat peculiar URL: Because of that, their Awareness API, the place where grabs all the feed statistics, are no longer working. For a while that forced me to manually update their subscriber numbers, which is a bit frustrating on my end, because I try to keep as fresh as possible. Doing this everyday is simply not going to be feasible.

Webmasters who decide to display Google Adsense ads inside their feeds are required to migrate their feeds to the FeedProxy thingamabob. But I found out that some have expressed regret after doing it. They say that their earnings were disappointing and their stats have gone bonkers. A few reported that they lost a chunk of their subscribers and their feed URL’s are outranking the actual posts in the search engine results!

My take on this is, I prefer to see my feed reader unencumbered by advertisements. But that’s just me and you can say it’s also because it’s giving me a hard time collecting your stats (heh). I’m not trying to dictate how you should monetize from your blogs, but my advice is that you weigh your options before doing something drastic. If you care about your ranking, keep your current Feedburner feed. If you don’t, go ahead and sign up for Adsense for Feeds (done via the Feedburner panel). But once that’s been done, you can’t go back to your old FB URL. A way around it is to use this plugin (for WP users only) and still keep your FB URL.

My hope is an API for Feedproxy is being developed and more stats (other than just the number of subscribers) can be pulled. At any rate, a lot of stuff is being planned (at least in my brain) for which I hope I can implement soon — more or less it will involve user accounts and graphs. 😛 Ahh… time. I wish I had more of you!

Thanks again to you guys who continue to use I’d like to think it’s helping you track your blogs’ progress.

To bloggers in Manila and Cebu, watch out for Tita Janette Toral’s presentation about the Top 100 Blogs for 2008! There’s also a number of great interviews that you might want to check out at the blog.


  1. Hmmm… Drew? Sometime ago, I shifted all of my blogs’ feeds to custom URLs that begin with (although the feedburner URLs still work as far as I know). I’m wondering now if this has affected my stats…?

  2. If RATIFIED cannot track using this new Google Feedproxy- I guess you should omit this factor in Ratified ranking 🙂 and change it with ranking?

  3. @Jaypee: Totally with you on that.

    @Blogie: It should pose no problem 🙂

    @Kaiser: Err.. Feedburner and Compete are completely different from each other.

  4. hmmm… My point is- I am just suggesting to include ranking in ratified. I know you only track number of subscribers in Feedburner and why use it if you cannot tracking using new Google feedproxy. By the way how can I submit my blog? or did you receive my submission?

  5. @Dennis: 🙁 Switch back?

    @Kaiser: In the end, it’s a matter of choice. FB is the only way for me to track blog subscribers.

    @Cesar: Hey Cesar. That’s true. I don’t appreciate seeing ads in my feed reader.

    @Jehz: Wahhh!

  6. hmmm… maybe i would switch if i find it more good. hehehe… but right now, for the sake of my valued rss subcribers, I won’t. hehe

  7. I just need the daily quotes from Feedburner/Google to STOP coming to my cell phone as a text mesage PLEASE !!!!!! How do I make this crap STOP ?

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