I Liked Plurk, Does You?


My corner of the Twitterverse is waging an online revolt against, well, Twitter itself. Twitter has been the most inaccessible, inconsistent, downtrodden Web 2.0 application on the face of the Internet, and yet we put up with it. Why? Because old habits are difficult to break. Yes, if that weirds you out, try my other friends on Twitter.

As I opened my browser this morning, I was pleasantly greeted with Happy Birthday to you’s and Haba Birdie’s and talks of Twitter folks planning a mass exodus to Plurk. No wait, what? Yes, Plurk. Apparently, everyone’s gotten sick of Twitter and finally found a worthy place to tell the world what silly little things we’re up to. Pownce and Jaiku tried but failed — despite the Internet heavyweights backing them up. What makes Plurk special? It’s cute, quirky and different. The timeline interface is nice and makes it easy for me to browse through updates without clicking to another page. Replying to updates is even easier. I simply click on an update and type away. Replies are grouped together exactly like a forum thread. Sweet!

I’m in a state of cautious enthusiasm about Plurk. Cautious because Plurk is a new service and the real test is whether it could hold enough interest into it and withstand hundreds of thousands of ‘plurkers’ plurking at the same time. I would also love to see a SMS aspect attached to it and a developer API. I’m cutting them some slack because they’re new, but the people behind Plurk should leverage on the attention it’s getting now or suffer the same fate as all the other Twitter wannabes.

Plurk has a mobile version here. I’d like to see a browser extension done first so I can get rid of Twitterfox asap. Be sure to check out their blog for new developments. They’re looking for someone to help out with a Filipino/Tagalog interface too.


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  2. I’ve heard people talking about Plurk but didn’t bother to find out what it is. Honestly, I’m satisfied with Twitter but I’m gonna try this one out. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. “What makes Plurk special?”

    Oh, come on! Who doesn’t think that name is just so…say-able?? Plurky-plurky-wurky-lurky-wurky…

  4. @Angel: Cool, nice one cuz!

    @Jaypee: I’m disenchanted with Twitter to say the least.

  5. “We apologize the site you are attempting to visit has been blocked due to its content being inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates.”


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