Logitech Cordless Laser Mouse


It’s the third time I forgot to bring my mouse over here at the office. I’m not the touchpad type of user so I usually don’t get any work done without a real mouse. Instead of stocking up on Gingko Biloba to increase circulation to my brain (thus improve memory, thus won’t forget the mouse), I ran down to the nearest PC store (which is equivalent to heaven, if there is one lol) to look for, well, a mouse.

I wanted something different this time. I wanted a wireless mouse. The only one they had in stock was the Logitech Cordless Laser Mouse (model V470). Costs quite a bit more than the usual mouse (P2300) that the saleslady decided to give me a measly 3-month warranty to go with it. Aesthetically speaking, the V470 is one hot-looking gadget. It is “Designed for Mac” as it says on the box and it sure would sit nicely beside a Macbook. Unfortunately I don’t own a Macbook, but a metallic HP Pavilion dv3000 that I bought a few weeks ago.


Here’s my verdict so far: I’m used to cheap lightweight mice that I get from CDR-King. The V470 is a tad bulkier and heavier due to the required AA batteries to power it. But the fact that it’s wireless makes it excusable. Bluetooth and Laser technology makes it far more precise than regular optical infrared-dependent mice. I noticed that even on a plain slippery surface it still works quite while and doesn’t wobble at all. Scrolling up and down is very smooth. I can’t wait to test this on Warcraft and Photoshop. Obviously, this one’s a keeper.


Laser precision
Side-to-Side Scrolling Plus Zoom
Bluetooth wireless technology
Protective pouch
Light, durable design
Battery life indicator
Compatible on Windows XP/Vista/Mac OS X


  1. expensive… i also bought a mouse earlier, it’s memorex usb mouse, it’s a lot cheaper. 800 kasi bili ko. color nya parang ferrari red. Ganda sana kaso nakaka stress sa kamay kasi syado maliit 🙁

  2. P2,300 is cheap for a mouse for somebody who works on a computer. Buying a P300 mouse at CDR King is OK for kids who use their computers for entertainment, but if you work on your computer, each of your peripherals is a tool that you use to do your job. Don’t ever buy cheap tools! Buy the best tools that you can find if you want to be comfortable in your workplace, and be more productive.

    I almost always use Logitech mice myself, and have been using Laser Cordless mice for several years now. The fact is, that I rarely buy a mouse that is under P5,000 or so. When I pick up one of those cheap CDR-King mice, I can hardly do any work – they are just too cheap and make me feel limited in my work.

    Just my thoughts…. Congrats on getting a quality mouse, Andrew!

  3. Expense is relative. What may be expensive for one person might be ok for another. I definitely say that he got a really good quality mouse.

    I upgraded recently from an A4Tech gaming mouse to a Logitech G7 (2007 version) gaming grade laser mouse. A little expensive at 2.7k but it was worth it. Better precision and a lot more comfortable to use.

  4. I am wondering what is the maximum distance it can function away from the receiver? I was hoping to use that as a presenter. Thank you.

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