The Future of Flight by Yves Rossy


Could this be the future of air travel? Yves Rossy definitely thinks so. Rossy, a former fighter pilot, took five years to perfect his flying contraption. All his hard work pays off during his maiden flight on May 15, 2008. He zooms and spins in the sky and over the Swiss-effin-alps like there’s no tomorrow. *Kinda* reminds me of a certain character in Toy Story, but to hell with that. He’s way cooler. What I would give to be in his shoes, or wings, right now.


Video after the jump.

On Septebmer 26, 2008, Yves Rossy traveled 22 miles across the English Channel on his homemade jet wing, tracing the route that Frenchman Louis Bleriot followed in 1909 when he became the first man to cross the channel on an airplane. The trip took a mere 13 minutes, but Rossy’s daring feat will likely be remembered throughout history as the most badass. Ever.

Here’s a video of his amazing accomplishment:


  1. As a Pilot myself just watching you caused my saliva glands to work overtime. Man what a rush – I would so love to fly that thing. just think a four jet engine private aircraft because that is an aircraft and one hell of an aircraft at that. This thing is a First for Man made personal transportation at it most basic – Just like a bird. I am so Jealous…

  2. Brilliant, whyis there not more about this in print or on the tube?? How does he start the engined? What if an outboard quits? Does he start up in the aircraft?? W@here can onr get the engines?? Cost?? All questions, This man is no fool. Why is not the USAF and Army notnutty over this???? Let us see more. My congratulations to you sir. Major USAF…..

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