Yahoo’s Online Community Manager for the Philippines

Last September, a few bloggers were buzzing about a certain job opening at Yahoo. Specifically, they were looking for an Online Community Manager for the Philippines, whose chores include:

  • Online Community Management
  • User Engagement
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Maintenance and Development

Yes, it’s safe to say they’re looking for an Aileen Apolo who likes to yodel.

Mike questioned why the position was based in Singapore and not here. A perfectly valid point, but Abe says it’s because they don’t have an office here yet. But now that it’s confirmed that they are setting up a Philippine hub, odds are that person will be assigned locally.

Word is it won’t be till next year that Yahoo will start building their office but are in the process of forming strategic alliances with local content providers. More importantly, some lucky guy or gal might have already been hired as our Online Community Manager. Question is, who is he/she?

Ya, WHO?


  1. Sorry to say guys… It’s another she. It’s me. HUWHAT?! HEH!

    I agree, he/she does have an insurmountable job to be at par with Aileen.

  2. why should you taunt me “bachelor’s degree”? why? and how could you hurt me this way?


    hehe, i’m a yahoo girl pa naman at heart. hihihi.

  3. @anonymous: Who you? XD

    @Blogie: He/She has a lot of work to do for sure.

    @Ria: Wouldn’t it be great if it were you?

    @Angel: Hehehe 😀

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