Are You Google Toolbar Suggested?

I couldn’t resist it. I’m a bit vain that I google my name every once in a while. If you’re like me, you can check the Google toolbar if it includes your name in its query suggestions. If you don’t have the toolbar installed, get it from The trick is to slowly type your name and wait for the toolbar to give you suggestions.


See your name in it? Kinda cool right?


  1. When I saw my name on the toolbar, akala ko suggestion yun. Turned out to be a remembered query. Kasi naman, sometimes when I’m alone I google myself din hehehe

  2. @Jaypee: I have no idea. I’m guessing you need to have a handful of stalkers searching your name everyday. Hehe. Just kidding.

    @Ederic: Yeah I failed to mention that a “History” label doesn’t count 😀

  3. I think my name is too unique for google to suggest. It didn’t suggest anything after Jay… Of course for “jay”, there were several, top of the list being “Jay Leno”.

  4. Oh okay. In that case, it means I don’t have stalkers and you do! Hehe 😀

    @Ederic – Don’t we all do that once in a while? 😉

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  6. Hi andrew, when i type “balay” in the toolbar my blog appears in the list — not sure though if this is because my url link is in my cache …

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