Allowed Sites on Google Adsense

Noticed something new on my Google Adsense panel.


Google now gives Adsense publishers the ability to create a whitelist of URL’s that are permitted to display Adsense ads under their client ID. After only a few hours of activating it, I already found 7 sites illegally using my ID. Activating it also means that ads displayed on disallowed sites won’t be counted as impressions or clicks. You won’t earn anything nor will the advertiser be charged.


From Google:

Allowed sites are sites or URLs on which AdSense publishers allow or wish to have their Google ads displayed.

We’ve added the Allowed Sites feature because we’ve learned that some AdSense publishers are concerned about potentially malicious behavior from others on the web, such as stealing their ad code and placing it on an inappropriate site. By offering this feature, we allow AdSense publishers more control over which sites or URLs can have their AdSense code.


This feature comes at the right time when publishers, banned or not, are clamoring, more than ever, for increased transparency from Google. At the same time, publishers can defend themselves from unscrupulous use of their ad code that may lead to their eventual banning. We’ve all heard of those sob stories from publishers taken out of the program for no clear reason other than a canned email response. Knowing where our ads are displayed will definitely give us a better sense of security and, perhaps, a clearer conscience.

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