Pinoy Evil Blog Awards Polls Now Open


Voting for Paolo Mendoza‘s Pinoy Evil Blog Awards has begun! This awards is the best thing that happened to our blogosphere before Malu Fernandez ate her way into the limelight, albeit to the dismay of our heroic OFW’s.

My blogger friend Winston Almendras of Batang Yagit informed me about the Pinoy Evil Blog Awards and rightly so because I nominated him for the Boy Bastos Writing Award category. I am officially the campaign manager for Winston to nab this award. Please vote for him!!


I’m one of Winston’s biggest fans. He’s a good kid with a big heart and extraordinary talent. Now, let’s all show him our support by voting for him as the next Boy Bastos. Incidentally, I also nominated my homeboy Jehz Laurente for the Evil Blog of the Year Award, but was disqualified because he’s one of the twin geniuses behind the whole thing. Shame.

The poll for the Boy Bastos Writing Award is here. Winston’s blog is Batang Yagit. Registration is required before you can vote.



  1. Hmm, they weren’t open very long… just about 4 days or so. I’ve only known about the polls for a couple of days and I didn’t ask my readers to vote for me. They’re all closed now and the results are viewable online today. Paolo is so wickedly funny.

    Batang Yagit WON with 31% of the votes (10 out of 32 total). Congrats to him. 🙂

    I sneaked in @ 2nd place for “Most Kickass Writer of the Year”. How strange, my blog readers/offline friends are, hehe. Jessica Zafra, of course, deservedly won that category.

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